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Kate Hudson and her fiancé, Chance Moore, of Ohio, are mourning the death of their 2-year-old daughter, Eliza Adalynn, following her long cancer fight, which was documented on the couple’s famous TikTok account.

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Hudson shared the news on her Instagram page on Monday. The post read, “When the links of life are broken and a child has to part, there is nothing that will ever heal a parent’s broken heart”

She added, “Eliza Adalynn Moore My sweet baby girl. I don’t know how we will go on without you. I know we promised you we would we brave, just like you.”


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She was 2 years old.

Influencer Kate Hudson’s Daughter Eliza Adalynn Dies

Eliza died on Father’s Day, June 20th, according to the sad mother, and she awoke today asking for her daughter.

Hudson wrote, “I woke up this morning, still half asleep, and reached for your hand,”

“But you were not there. You left last night. In a van that took you away. I wanted to run after you. But I couldn’t. I have to accept this new reality…but I am not ready to let you go. I don’t think I ever will be ready to move on.”

Eliza was diagnosed with a rare and dangerous cancer known as Rhabdoid tumor at the age of ten months. Rhabdoid tumor is a type of tumor made up of several big cells.

Moore wrote on a GoFundMe page, “The last CT scan revealed 8 nodules in her right lung. Eliza’s surgery and oncology team informed us that the next step would be to resect as many nodules as possible then hit the right lung again with ablative radiation,”

“However, there weren’t 8 nodules the surgeon saw when she got to the lung. There were thousands. Thousands. Thousands of tumor “seeds” that had completely obliterated her right lung and had spread over her heart and down into her diaphragm.”

Eliza’s cancer fight was documented for more than 5 million followers on Hudson and Moore’s “Hey Eliza” TikTok page, which shared the ups and downs of her journey.


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