Who is Eladio Aguirre Chable? Bio, Wiki, Age, Remains In Plastic Bags Full Details

Eladio Aguirre Chable Bio/Wiki

In April of last year, Eladio Aguirre Chable was kidnapped and murdered while visiting his mother in Las Choapas, southern Mexico. This is the troubling moment when callous cops returned a man’s remains in two plastic bin bags to his sister.

It is unknown who assassinated him, a taxi driver in the port town of Puerto Morelos.


He was 30 years old.

How Did Eladio Aguirre Chable Die?

His body was discovered by his family months later after they received a note stating that his body was found four hours west of his mother’s home in Veracruz.

They say that after authorities ordered them to disregard the call, which they thought was an effort to extort money from the family, Eladio’s relatives discovered his skeleton near the Tonalá River in the Agua Dulce area.

According to sources, he was already dressed in the clothes he was wearing on the day he disappeared. After that, authorities sent a vehicle to retrieve the body.

Remains In Plastic Bags Full Details

Eladio’s sister was pictured being handed his cremated body in two plastic bin bags after state officials finished conducting tests, in an image that has ignited outrage throughout the world.

Mothers Searching, a support group for families of missing persons, released the terrifying photo in Veracruz last Sunday. The State Attorney General’s Office, according to the party, had violated the victim’s and his family’s rights by handing over his body without “necessary forensic requirements.”

Surprisingly, state officials initially declined to release the body, claiming that tests were required.

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According to the news, the smell coming from the bags was “nauseating” when the remains were handed over due to the scorching heat in southern Mexico.

They requested an investigation into the two prosecutors they say were responsible for the incident in a letter posted on Facebook.

The family reported the incident to the State Human Rights Commission (CEDH), which lodged a lawsuit against the two prosecutors, according to news outlet La Silla Rota.

The Attorney General’s Office has made compromises as a result of the movement led by ‘Mothers Looking.’

Lenin Juarez Jimenez, the regional prosecutor of Las Choapas, Veracruz, has been shot, according to the newspaper Milenio.

Last Sunday, the state secretary of Veracruz, Eric Cisneros, announced that those responsible for the incident would be kept entirely accountable.

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