Who is FBI Agent Eduardo Valdivia? Bio, Wiki, Age, Charged With Attempted Murder Full Details

Eduardo Valdivia Bio/Wiki

According to Maryland court records unsealed on Tuesday, June 1, an FBI agent named Eduardo Valdivia was indicted on attempted murder and other counts for shooting a passenger.

On December 15, 2020, an incident occurred on a southbound Metro Red Line train. Valdivia was also charged with first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and committing a felony with a handgun.

Valdivia shot a passenger, who was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds but survived. Valdivia warned the passenger to move away but instead stepped up to confront him, according to a 911 call from an eyewitness released on January 27.


He is 37 years old.

Charged With Attempted Murder Full Details

Valdivia surrendered to local authorities at a county jail on Tuesday morning, according to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Maxwell Uy.

The allegations come from a train shooting on Dec. 15 near Bethesda’s Medical Center Metro station. The agent fired numerous bullets when the individual approached him and they exchanged comments, according to a statement released by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority on Dec. 18.

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The injured man was in a stable condition less than a week after the shooting, according to the statement. It didn’t go into detail about the nature of his “verbal exchange” with the agent moments before the shooting. Valdivia’s lawyer, Robert Bonsib, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that his client has spent decades “serving his community in some very risky and delicate assignments.”

Valdivia had been challenged by a man the morning of the incident, he added, “a man who threatened his personal safety, and he acted reasonably in order to prevent himself from being killed.”


A spokesperson for the FBI’s Baltimore field office said the bureau was aware of the accusations and is fully cooperating with the investigation in a statement released Tuesday. spokeswoman Joy Jiras said, “As is customary following a shooting incident, this matter will be subject to internal review,”

In December, the Metro Transit Police Department claimed it had reviewed camera footage and obtained testimony from Metro personnel, passengers, and others.

A witness said the agent warned the man to back away in a 911 call released in January, but the man disobeyed the orders and instead prepared to fight him, according to the Washington Post.

The 911 caller said, “The FBI agent said: ‘Move away. I’m an FBI agent. Back away,’ ”

“The other gentleman didn’t, dropped his bag, approached him to fight him.”

The caller claimed that the FBI agent had been “attacked” by the other passenger, but did not elaborate.

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The National Institutes of Health and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are served by the Medical Center station.

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