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Eboney Cheshire Bio/Wiki

A girl named Eboney Cheshire died after falling ill at home from MDMA toxicity, a post-mortem test has confirmed.

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On 3 December, Eboney Cheshire, of Rainhill in St Helens, died in hospital. After an earlier post-mortem examination proved inconclusive and further tests were required, her death was previously regarded as’ unexplained’.

Paying her tribute “beautiful princess” shortly after her death, Eboney’s mother Kerry Williams said she was “heartbroken”.

She said her girl was “so funny, full of character and so popular”.


She was 13 years old.


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Police reported that Eboney’s death is continuing to be investigated by Merseyside. In a statement by Kevin Farrell, Coroner’s Officer, Mrs Williams left on 2 December 2018 and came back home in the evening.

For her condition, the teenager from Rainhill, Merseyside, was issued paracetamol and seemed to improve.

Eboney had previously gone from a nearby grocery store to purchase Lucozade and Giant Munch crisps.

The family came to bed, but Kerry mother-of-two was woken up by a noise later and found that the 13-year-old had an attack in her bed with her back rolling eyes.

What Did Her Family Say?

Initially, it was assumed she responded due to her cold-like symptoms to her elevated temperature.

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She was rushed to Whiston Hospital where it became clear that the 13-year-old was caused by the opioid and unfortunately died. Dr Brian Rogers, a pathologist in the home bureau, said Eboney had a temperature of 41,2C in the post-mortem test.

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Reports of toxicology showed a “extremely high level of MDMA, or ecstasy, in a level lying above the range of which fatalities have been reported.”

Death Cause Full Details

The coroner’s officer at the court, Oliver Knaggs, told how the police had not found any drug-supply suspects.

Detective Inspector Leanne Hoban also confirmed this.

Ms Williams, however, spoke in court of her unhappiness with the survey and added: : “She didn’t do this to herself.

“Who puts ecstasy into a drink? Her bottle was laced with drugs.”

“You don’t realise how suspicious this is.”

Peter Williams, Her grandad also added, “I don’t agree with this.” Coroner Goulding said that there was no conclusion other than drug-related death she could draw.

She identified her daughter in December 2019, “a very popular and bubbly character, forever making people laugh.”

She added: “Eboney oozed confidence, parents have praised me for the way I raised her, because their children had got bullied and Eboney was the one who took them under her wing, and protected them.

“Nobody would really argue with Eboney as they all wanted to be her friend, she had so many good qualities, she was very clever, at the age of five or six she used to know every capital in the world, she even knew Madagascar…

“She’d have the teachers in laughter, once when aged three she used the word “procrastination,” and said, “my granddad taught me that. She was very bright and looking forward to her GCSEs…she wanted to be a doctor.

“It’s the not knowing what happened, not having her in the house.”

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