Who is Dr. Robert Lesslie? Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Victims, Killed In South Carolina Mass Shooting Full Details

Dr. Robert Lesslie Bio/Wiki

Phillip Adams, a former NFL defensive back, killed Robert Lesslie, a beloved South Carolina doctor and faith-based author, along with his wife, two grandchildren, and a worker, according to sheriff’s officials.

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Adams is accused of shooting six people, killing five of them, including Dr. Lesslie and three of his family members, before committing suicide after the slayings. Authorities said the survivor was an air conditioning technician who was working at the house and managed to tell his boss to call 911.

According to a website, Lesslie has been practicing in the area since 1981 and founded Riverview House Calls & Riverview and Palliative Care.

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According to his bio, he served in emergency rooms for decades, including nearly 15 years as the medical director of the emergency department at Rock Hill General Hospital.


He was 70 years old.

Who Killed Dr. Robert Lesslie?

Former NFL player Phillip Adams, who killed Lesslie, his wife, two of their grandchildren, and another man, committed suicide early Thursday, according to authorities.

Dr. Lesslie wrote at least a dozen books, including “Angels in the ER,” a series of stories based on his 25 years as an ER doctor.


According to the York County coroner’s office, Dr. Robert Lesslie, 70, Barbara Lesslie, 69, and their grandchildren Adah Lesslie, 9, and Noah Lesslie, 5, were all died at the scene.

James Lewis, 38, was discovered dead on the street. According to investigators, Lewis was employed at the time.

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