Dominic Winum (Virginia Officer) Biography: Wiki, Age, Fatally Shot, Suspect Arrested, Killed In Traffic Stop Details

Who is Dominic Winum? Dominic Winum Bio/Wiki

According to officials, a police officer named Dominic Winum in northern Virginia was fatally shot during a traffic stop on Friday afternoon and responding law enforcement fatally shot his attacker.

Credit: NYPD Chaplains Unit / Twitter

According to Police Chief Ryan Dean, Officer Dominic “Nick” Winum had been with the Town of Stanley Police Department since 2016. Winum was formerly a trooper with the Virginia State Police, who have shared their condolences.


He was 48 years old.

Fatally Shot (Killed In Traffic Stop Full Details)

According to news reports, Dakota Richards, 29, fired shots at Winum before the officer could leave his patrol car.

Richards escaped but was later discovered hiding in a barn, according to Virginia State Police. Officers shot and killed Richards after he allegedly made a “threatening movement.” The circumstances concerning the traffic stop are uncertain.

Winum had been a member of the Stanley Police Department since 2016. He had previously worked as a Virginia state trooper.

Suspect Arrested

A suspect was arrested in New Orleans after an argument with a staff member while attempting to play the game at George Washington Carver High School, according to police.

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When the officer tried to escort the suspect out of the house, the suspect reportedly pulled out a pistol and shot him. According to news accounts, the school was placed on lockdown following the shooting, and the game was eventually canceled.

New Orleans police said they had not yet identified the suspect or named the fallen officer awaiting the findings of an autopsy and notification of the officer’s family.

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