Diahann Carroll Passed Away, Pioneering Actress on “Julia” and “Dynasty” Dies at 84 | Diahann Carroll Bio, Wiki, Age, Cause Of Death

Diahann Carroll Wiki– Diahann Carroll Biography

Diahann Carroll Wiki-- Diahann Carroll Biography

Diahann Carroll Bio

Diahann Carroll, the captivating singer and actress who came from the Bronx to win a Tony Award, was nominated for an Oscar and made history of television with her turns on Julia and Dynasty, who died Friday. She was 84 years old.

Carroll died at her Los Angeles home after a long cancer battle, told The Hollywood Reporter to her sister, producer-journalist Suzanne Kay.

With her roles on Broadway and in the Hollywood musicals Carmen Jones and Porgy & Bess, Carroll became recognized as a Las Vegas and nightclub actress when she was approached by an NBC executive to star as Julia Baker, a widowed nurse raising a young son, on the sitcom Julia.

Diahann Carroll Age 

She was 84 years old when she died (July 17, 1935 – October 4, 2019)

Diahann Carroll Early Life, Parents And Education

Diahann Carroll
was born to John Johnson, of Aiken, South Carolina, and Mabel, of Bladenboro, North Carolina, in the Bronx, New York. The family moved to Harlem when Carroll was a child, where she grew up. She attended High School of Music and Art and was a Billy Dee Williams classmate. Diahann Carroll recalls the love of her family in many interviews about her youth, enrolling her in dance, singing, and modeling lessons. She was posing for Ebony when Carroll was 15. She attended New York University after graduating from high school, with a minor in sociology.

Diahann Carroll Career

Her appearance in Julia in 1968, the first American TV series starring a black woman in a non-stereotypical role, was a landmark in her career as well as in her medium. In the 1980s, in the primetime soap opera dynasty, she played the role of a mixed-race diva.

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As she appeared as a contestant on Dumont Television Network, Chance of a Lifetime, hosted by Dennis James, Diahann Carroll got her big break at the age of 18. She took the $1,000 top prize for a performance of the Jerome Kern / Oscar Hammerstein song on the show, which aired January 8, 1954, “Why Was I Born?”The next four weeks she went on to win. Immediately there followed appearances at the Manhattan Café Society and the Latin Quarter nightclubs.

Diahann Carroll Cause of Death

In 1997, Carroll was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She claims the news “stunned” her because there was no breast cancer family history and she had a healthy lifestyle at all times. She was exposed to radiation therapy for nine weeks and has since been free. She also talks about the need for the disease to be identified and stopped early. Carroll died from cancer in Los Angeles on October 4, 2019.

Diahann Carroll Popular Shows

Popular with both black and white viewers, “Julia” reached No. 7 in the Nielsen ratings in her first season, the highest position on the air in her three seasons. Reviewing the series in The New York Times, Jack Gould noted his penchant, then par for Hollywood’s course, for “tiptoeing around anything too controversial.” Nevertheless, he added: “At all events, the breaking of the color line in TV stardom on a regular weekly basis should be salutary.”

1.  Diahann Carroll 1st Married to Monte Kay

Four times Carroll was married, first to record Monte Kay in 1956. Her dad boycotted the wedding ceremony at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, presided over by Adam Clayton Powell Jr. In 1962, the marriage ended

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2.  Diahann Carroll nine-year affair with married actor Sidney Poitier

The union produced a daughter who became a freelance news reporter, Suzanne Kay Bamford (born September 9, 1960). Carroll began an affair of nine years with married actor Sidney Poitier in 1959. She says she was convinced by Poitier to divorce her husband and he’d leave his wife to be with her. Once Carroll got her divorce, Poitier did not keep his end of the deal, yet until 1968 the relationship continued.

3.  David Frost 3rd Marriage

Carroll dates from 1970 to 1973 and was employed by British TV host and director David Frost. Carroll stunned the media in 1973 by marrying Fred Glusman, the Las Vegas boutique owner. She filed for divorce two weeks later, accusing Glusman of physical abuse.

4.  Diahann Carroll 4th Marriage with Robert DeLeon

Carroll married Jet’s managing editor, Robert DeLeon, in 1975. Two years later she was widowed after DeLeon was killed in a car crash. In 1987, the fourth marriage of Carroll was to singer Vic Damone. The marriage, admitted by Carroll, was tumultuous in 1991, reconciliation, and divorce in 1996, had a legal separation.

Diahann Carroll Tributes

Diahann Carroll walked this earth for 84 years and broke ground with every footstep. An icon. One of the all-time greats. She blazed trails through dense forests and elegantly left diamonds along the path for the rest of us to follow. Extraordinary life. Thank you, Ms. Carroll. pic.twitter.com/YXjh7d3LWU

— Ava DuVernay (@ava) October 4, 2019

Diahann Carroll was such a staple in Black households. On the screen and on magazine covers.

She reminded me that Black women are naturally graceful to our core. Rest in power, Ms. Carroll pic.twitter.com/1SJbpuRC5A

— Black Ashley (@ashleysimpo) October 4, 2019

Rest in peace to the legendary actress and singer Diahann Carroll. She was the first Black woman in history to star in her own TV series and to receive a Tony Award for best actress in a lead role of a musical.

Thank you, Ms. Carroll. pic.twitter.com/FRUKoKt4xB

— Zora (@zoramag) October 4, 2019

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