Who is Destini Crane? Bio, Wiki, Age, TikTok Fire Challenge, Burned Full Details

Destini Crane Bio/Wiki

After suffering third-degree burns while reportedly attempting to copy a video she watched on social media, a 13-year-old Oregon girl named Destini Crane has been in the hospital for almost two weeks.

The family is speaking out about the tragedy in order to assist others to avoid the same fate. Destini Crane of Portland, Oregon, was severely burned on her neck and right arm while attempting to replicate a video on the popular video app TikTok, necessitating three skin-grafting surgeries, according to her family.

Andrea, her sister, informed ABC News that the incident happened in their restroom on May 13th. Crane is unable to talk with them about what has happened at this time.

However, this isn’t the first time a TikTok challenge has gone disastrously wrong. In February, a Louisiana man was sent to the emergency room after gluing Solo Cup to his face.


She is 13 years old.

Attempting TikTok Fire Challenge Full Details

Destini Crane, according to ABC News, is a seventh-grader who “lived for TikToks,” according to her mother. She was trying to recreate a TikTok video in which someone uses a flammable liquid to sketch a shape on a mirror and then sets it on fire.

Andrea Crane, a student at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, has gone home to help with her younger sister’s care, who enjoys skating and playing the online game Roblox.

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She said, “We’ve always been our unit,”

She added, “Being in Monmouth just wasn’t an option for me, with wanting to be here and my family needing me.”

How Destini Crane Burned Herself?

Desitni Crane entered the bathroom with a candle, lighter, and bottle of rubbing alcohol, which exploded in the poorly ventilated interior, lighting her and other belongings on fire, according to her sister.

According to ABC News, Crane’s phone was still recording video when her mother, Kimberly, retrieved it.

Andrea Crane told the news outlet, “I was in the living room talking with my mom, and I heard her scream my name,”

She added, “So I went and opened the bathroom door and everything was on fire. Destini was on fire. Things in the bathroom were on fire.”

Kimberly stated that she went outside with her kid and grabbed her daughter’s burning shirt. One of the neighbors had contacted 911.

Since then, Crane has been in the intensive care unit, and her family is hopeful that she will be transferred to the burn center for further treatment soon.

Her sister expects her to take several months to recover, requiring inpatient therapy to regain use of her arm and mobility in her neck, shoulders, and fingers.

Andrea Crane said, “Because of the burns she’s going to have limited mobility,”

She continued, “That is just going to be a lifelong thing, of her doing physical therapy to keep her mobility, I know that when she wakes up and fully understands, she’s probably going to freak out,”

Her mother said. “But honestly I think that she’s strong enough to get through it.”

Andrea said, “I just wasn’t present with her,”

“When she showed me TikToks and when she showed me what she was doing, I would be like, ‘Oh I’m busy,’ or, ‘I’m doing schoolwork.'”

She added, “It’s really important to be present with your children because we can monitor them, we have parental controls, we can do all that all we want, but things slip through,”

“And so it’s really important to be present with your children and have that transparency of, ‘Hey what are you into what? What are you doing right now?'”.

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