Who is Deona Marie Erickson? Bio, Wiki, Age, Killed, Struck By SUV, Death Cause

Deona Marie Erickson Bio/Wiki

Deona Marie Knajdek Erickson AKA Deona knajdek was killed when a motorist slammed his SUV into demonstrators in Minneapolis. Knajdek was protesting Winston Smith’s tragic police gunshot.

During the incident on June 13, 2021, in Minnesota city, she was killed and three other demonstrators were injured. The driver has been identified as Nicholas Kraus.

Erickson has two young girls, according to her brother, who spoke to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. According to authorities, the other victims of the incident suffered non-life-threatening injuries. The driver has been apprehended, according to a tweet from Minneapolis Police.

Erickson was born in Pine City, Minnesota, and lived in Minneapolis, according to her Facebook page. She worked for The Cottages Group, a home health care company, as a program manager.


She was 31 years old.

Struck By SUV Full Details

The incident occurred about 11:40 p.m., when demonstrators congregated along Lake Street and Girard Avenue, according to Minneapolis Police. So yet, officials have only revealed a few details.

The department stated on Monday, June 14th, that no further developments were expected that day. After the crash, Erickson was brought to a local hospital, where she was confirmed dead, according to authorities.

Garrett Knajdek, Erickson’s brother, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “She was using her car as a street blockade, and another vehicle struck her vehicle and her vehicle struck her. She (was) constantly sacrificing herself for everyone around her. No matter the cost, obviously.”

Garrett said to KARE-TV, “She was probably the most wonderful person you could ever imagine. She would in the most literal sense tear the shirt off her back to make sure someone was warm. No matter how dark her life was and how bad things got, she was doing everything she could to take care of somebody else and provide for them.”

He then added, “still trying to process the fact that my sister, my lifelong friend is gone.”

“No matter what she was doing, whether people agree with it or disagree with it, they need to understand that she was my sister and she was somebody’s daughter and she was a hero to a lot of people… and just have some respect for that no matter if you agree with her views or not. verybody has their opinions and you should stand up for them no matter what they are, and she should be an example for everybody to do something better with the world.”

Deborah Marie Kenney, her mother, posted on Facebook, “Here is my beautiful, brave, funny everything daughter Deona Marie . Today she was taken from us while supporting another families cause. The details are in the news and on social media which I have not watched. It has only been 2 hours from the notification and it already feels like a life time. God has you now sweet Poke. I love you too the stars and back abagazillion times”

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