Who is Deirdre Morley? Bio, Wiki, Age, Found Not Guilty Full Details

Deirdre Morley Bio/Wiki

Due to insanity, a mother named Deirdre Morley accused of killing her three children was found not guilty.

In January 2020, Conor (9 years old), Darragh (7 years old), and Carla McGinley (3 years old) were discovered dead at their home in Newcastle, County Dublin.

Deirdre Morley, their mother, was found not guilty on all three charges on Thursday.


She is 44 years old.

Found Not Guilty Full Details

Mr. Justice Paul Coffey claimed that the verdict was uncontested. Ms. Morley had a serious psychotic depressive disorder, according to the court.

On the basis of probability, the jury of ten men and two women must be convinced that Ms. Morley was suffering from a mental illness at the time of the killings. It was a “sad and tragic case,” according to Justice Coffey.

He said that the jury needed to be convinced that Ms. Morley had no idea what she was doing was wrong or that she was powerless to intervene. Expert witnesses for both the prosecution and the defense testified in court, both of whom agreed that Ms. Morley was legally insane when she murdered her children.

The judge stated that there was no disagreement between the parties and that there was no evidence to contradict the doctors’ conclusion that insanity applied to all three counts. He went on to say that both the prosecution and the defense agreed that Ms. Morley should be acquitted.

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Deirdre Morley Why Did She Do It?

Ms. Morley claimed she had severely harmed her children as a result of her mental health issues, a concern she first brought up with psychologists in late 2018.

As her depressive disorder worsened over the next year, she continued to express such sentiments, implying that Ms. Morley had hidden her illness from her husband, Andrew McGinley, and others. Ms. Morley later told garda (Irish police) and doctors that she had planned to kill her children three or four days before January 24, 2020, according to the court.

Ms. Morley suffocated the three children before trying to commit suicide.

As Mr. McGinley came home from work, he discovered her outside the building, unconscious and being attended to by paramedics. Ms. Morley expressed regret and said she wished she had a time machine after waking up from a coma in hospital, according to the court.

She told garda she just wanted her children back in an interview.


Mr. McGinley admitted to Irish broadcaster RTÉ that his wife was not in her right mind on January 24, 2020. He told RTÉ’s Prime Time, “We had nearly 20 years together. Dee loved the kids,”

He said, however, that he would never be able to break the connection between her and what occurred. He added, “I’m going to struggle with that every single day. I really am.”

Mr. McGinley said that his priority was to keep his children’s memories. He continued, “There’s tears, there’s sadness,But I can’t just be tearful and sad all the time.

“And I can’t be angry all the time, either.”

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