Who is Deandre? Bio, Wiki, Age, Black Man Shoved By Army Soldier Jonathan Pentland, Charged Full Details

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Jonathan Pentland, a Fort Jackson drill sergeant, was captured on camera bullying a Young black man in Summit, South Carolina on Tuesday, April 13.

The video first went viral on Twitter after it was sent to an account with the username @Angry Staffer, who shared it on their page to spread the word. “You came to the wrong neighborhood mother****r,” Pentland was overheard telling Deandre, the young man.

Pentland’s name began to circulate on Twitter minutes after the video was released, and he was soon recognized as a member of the Army. Fort Jackson’s Commanding General Brig Gen Milford Beagle Jr was asked to discuss the issue, and he did so, stating that the matter would be investigated and that Pentland’s actions would not be accepted.

Thank you all for reaching out and helping to support Deandre! The young black male’s name is Deandre. We did not know…

Posted by Shirell Johnson on Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Although the aggressor was known, people were worried about the harassed man’s well-being and how he was coping after being subjected to verbal and physical abuse. Shirell Johnson, who witnessed the incident, took to Facebook a few hours later to explain a few points, and in the same post, she revealed that the individual who Pentland harassed was called Deandre.

Deandre is “doing okay but still processing,” according to the lady who filmed the video, who has been identified as Lady Shadae.

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His age is unknown.

Black Man Shoved By Jonathan Pentland

Deandre is the name of the young Black man seen in the video above. Despite being thrown about aggressively, he maintained a cool attitude throughout the ordeal and did not respond recklessly.

Pentland started the video by telling Deandre to leave the neighborhood, suggesting that he didn’t belong there. Deandre insisted that he was going for a stroll, and it’s possible that Pentland was new to the region, but the latter just kept reacting angrily.

Credit: Jonathan Pentland/Facebook

The three-minute viral video does not reveal what prompted Pentland to approach the young Black man on a Columbia sidewalk.

“Go away right now,” Pentland tells Deandre at the outset. Deandre tells Pentland to call the cops, but Cassie Pentland, Pentland’s mum, says they’ve already been called. Deandre was “picking fights” with people in the area, according to the couple.

“What is it that you are doing here?” Pentland then asks. “Walking,” Deandre responds. “Then walk,” Pentland continues. When Deandre says he’s going back to his place, Pentland’s wife interrupts and says, “Well, you’ve been here for like 15 minutes now,” and both Pentlands tell him to keep walking. Pentland says, “Walk away.” “Right now, get out. Do you need help? I’m delighted to assist.” Pentland then claims he didn’t hit Deandre.

In a Facebook post, Johnson said the video was taken by a “young lady,” Shadae, and given to her to post online. Before Monday night, Johnson, Shadae, and a classmate had never met Deandre. Shadae McCallum, the woman who shot the video, also shared it on Twitter.

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Jonathan Pentland Has Been Charged

According to online jail records, Pentland was charged with third-degree assault and was held in the Richland County jail and given a personal recognizance bond, despite the fact that he did not have an attorney. The matter is also being investigated by the US Department of Justice.

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