Who is Daryl Doles? Bio, Wiki, Age, Charged, Baltimore, Attacks On Asian American Store Owners Full Details

Daryl Doles Bio/Wiki

Prosecutors have charged a Baltimore man named Daryl Doles with hate crimes after he allegedly went on a rampage at three Asian-owned liquor stores.

Daryl Doles Baltimore

Daryl Doles, who reportedly hit two Korean sisters in the head with a cinder block during his hate-filled spree of attacks on May 2, was charged on 22 counts by a grand jury on Monday, authorities said, including four counts of attempted murder and nine counts of hate crimes.


He is 50 years old.

Attacks On Asian American Store Owners Full Details

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said, “This crime shocked the conscience of everyone in Baltimore,”

He added, “Today’s indictment shows that hate has no home in our city. We commend the victims for their courage and look forward to delivering justice.”

Doles, who was first arrested on accusations of assault, destruction of property, and firearms, was denied admission to one establishment because he refused to wear a mask, according to prosecutors.

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According to the 12-page indictment, he then broke a $1,000 lottery machine by knocking it to the ground before exiting the store. Doles allegedly returned to Linden Discount Liquors and assaulted a security guard with a two-by-four before being dragged away by the store’s owner.

Prosecutors say the Baltimore man then escaped on foot and minutes later approached a second Asian American-owned shop, 40/40 Liquors, where he knocked over a window display of wine bottles.

Who are The Asian American Store Owners?

According to the indictment, the business owner instructed Doles not to return, prompting him to exclaim, “F–k Chinese!” as he walked away.

Prosecutors claimed Doles then went to a third Asian-owned liquor store, Wonder Land Liquors, and assaulted Hy-Shin Williams, 67, and her 66-year-old sister, Hye-Kyong Yun, with a cinder block.


Doles is accused of repeatedly hitting both women in the head with the cement block, leaving them covered in blood.

According to the indictment, he was caught 45 minutes later about six blocks away, and told a guy who asked why he assaulted them that they needed to “go back to their country.”

Doles, who faces two life sentences plus 65 years in prison if convicted on all charges, has struggled with addiction and mental health concerns throughout his life, according to his lawyer.

According to the Baltimore Sun, she also accused Mosby of seeking more serious charges as a result of the case’s public exposure. Attorney Staci Pipkin said to the newspaper, “Unfortunately, we have seen that office overcharge cases on a regular basis simply because they want press attention,”

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