Who are D’Angelo Strand and Ronnie Keandre Marshall? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Killed US Army Colonel Full Details

D’Angelo Strand and Ronnie Keandre Marshall Bio/Wiki

A US Army colonel and his veteran wife were shot dead at point-blank range in their front yard, police say, and two individuals have been arrested and charged.

After the retired colonels were killed in Springfield, Fairfax County, D’Angelo Strand, and Ronnie Keandre Marshall were arrested on two counts of second-degree murder and firearms offenses apiece.


D’Angelo Strand is 19 years old and Ronnie Keandre Marshall is 20 years old. Edward McDaniel Jr. was 55 years old and his wife Brenda McDaniel was 63 years old.

Killed US Army Colonel Full Details

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said Edward McDaniel Jr., an Army doctor, and Brenda McDaniel, a retired Army colonel, and nurse, were slain at “point-blank range in cold blood.” Davis said there had been a “dispute” between the parties at a news conference on Thursday, but the particular cause for Wednesday’s killings was still being investigated.

Three days before the killings, one of the alleged shooters went to McDaniel’s residence in the 8000 block of Flint Street, where police were called with reports of an attempted burglary. According to NBC, the caller told the dispatcher that “the subject” was in the basement before the dispatcher replied, “the subject is seeking her son and he is with them upstairs.”

The couple was slain in their own house, while their son and another person were there, while the incident was still being investigated. According to police, the murder weapon has yet to be found.

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Davis claimed Strand and Marshall worked with a McDaniel relative but didn’t say who or where. He said, “We’ve lost two brave, dedicated, lifelong servants to our community, and for what?

Davis continued. “That’s what’s got us shaking our heads.”

The pair had both served in the military and had a long list of honors to their credit.

Strand was apprehended after a search for a light-colored Nissan spotted fleeing the site of the shooting led to his arrest and the discovery of the vehicle at a Lorton business. After officers confiscated the vehicle, it is being searched for evidence. Marshall was apprehended later that day near the intersection of Janna Lee Avenue and Richmond Highway in Fairfax County by officials. Both of them are being held at the Fairfax County Prison.

Edward had been in the Army since 1995 before deciding to pursue a career in medicine. He was the director of executive medicine at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and a doctor of internal medicine.

With two tours of Iraq under his belt, the 55-year-old was set to retire from the military in November, but his mother Felice McDaniel said he planned to continue working as a doctor. Felice McDaniel said, “They loved their country. They loved their service. They loved the people who were their patients,”

Brenda, Edward’s wife, also served in the Army for a long time, from 1983 to 2009, before retiring as a colonel. Lennie Enzel, a former coworker, told the Washington Post about her, “She was one of the brightest, kindest, most professional Army Nurses with whom I ever had the honor to serve as evidenced by her tour as a White House Nurse,”

Brenda was a successful medical practitioner who worked as a White House nurse during the Clinton administration.

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She had received numerous decorations throughout her military service, including the Legion of Merit, which recognizes “exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of remarkable services and achievements.”

Officials also stated that her accomplishments showed she had served in at least two overseas deployments.

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