Who is Damon Weaver? Bio, Wiki, Age, Kid Reporter, Death Cause

Damon Weaver Bio/Wiki

Damon Weaver, the youngest person to interview a sitting president, passed away at the age of 11 after a 10-minute interview with President Barack Obama at the White House. His sister told the media that he died of “natural causes,” but didn’t elaborate.

Weaver died of natural causes on May 1st, according to his family. He was a communications student at Albany State University in Georgia.


He was 23 years old.

Damon Weaver Interviews President Barak Obama At the Age Of 11

Obama was interviewed in the White House Diplomatic Room in 2009. Obama was asked if he was “bullied a lot” by Weaver. Obama said that all he does is try to do a good job, which “keeps me going.”

Weaver then moved on to sports, asking Obama if he’d play Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat one-on-one. Obama said that he would be willing, but that Wade was “a little bit better at basketball than I am.”

After that, the young interviewer expressed gratitude to the president for “making my dream come true.” After that, Weaver asked Obama to be his “homeboy.”

According to his sister, Candace Hardy, Weaver was studying communications at Albany State University in Georgia with the aim of becoming a sports journalist. She described her brother’s interview with Obama as “life-changing” and a “once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Hardy said that her brother was an inspiration to others. She said, “A lot of people looked up to him,”

“With him being so young, he made a way for more students to engage in journalism.”

How Did Damon Weaver Die? (Death Cause)

Weaver’s family told the Associated Press that he died of natural causes on May 1. Candace Hardy, his sister, told the Palm Beach Post on May 13 that he had died.

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Hardy said to the Post, “He was loved by everyone,”

“No matter if it was a stranger, his mom or a family member, he was just a ball of light with so much energy. He was always positive, always had a smile on a face and he was always a joy to be around. He left an impact on a lot of people.”

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