Damian Hurley (Liz Hurley’s Son) Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Cut Out Of $250M Will

Who is Damian Hurley? Bio/Wiki

Damian Charles Hurley AKA Damian Hurley is an actor and model from England. He was born on born 4 April 2002 in London, England.

He is the son of American businessman Steve Bing and actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Birth Name Damian Charles Hurley
Nick Name Damian Hurley
Gender Male
Birth Date 4 April 2002
Age 19 Years Old
Profession Actor And Model
Birth Place Portland Hospital, London
Religion Not Known
Nationality British


He is 19 years old.


Hurley was cast as Prince Hansel of Liechtenstein in The Royals, an E! series that also stars his mother as the Queen of the United Kingdom, in July 2016. In the December 2016 episode “Aye, There’s the Rub,” Hansel portrays a reality TV star.

In the April 2018 episode “My News Shall Be the Fruit to That Great Feast”. he resumed his role.


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Tess Management, a model agency, signed Hurley in September 2018.

Cut Out Of $250M / £180 M Will Full Details

Damian Hurley, Liz Hurley’s 19-year-old son, was left out of his late father’s multimillion-dollar trust by his grandfather.

According to a press source, Damian’s grandfather and Steve Bing’s father, Dr. Peter Bing, cut Damian and his older half-sister Kira Bonder out of the family inheritance because they were both born out of marriage. Last July, Steven Bing committed suicide.

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Hurley told the Daily Mail on Friday that Damian’s part of the family trust may have been worth $250 million / £180 million.

Instead, the income will be split between Steve’s sister Mary’s two children, who were not born out of wedlock.

Troubled Steve Bing, who inherited roughly $600 million from his family when he reached 18, was first merciless when it came to his two illegitimate children with Hurley and Lisa Kerkorian, Kira’s mother.

Even while Hurley was pregnant with Damian, Peter Bing, now 90, wrote a will disinheriting the baby.

However, Hurley told the Daily Mail that Bing, who had little to no interaction with Damian or Kira as children, wanted to make amends before his death in June 2020. Peter Bing went to court in March 2019 to remove Damian and Kira from a “grandchildren trust” he had set up years before.

Hurley and Kira’s mother fought the action and briefly triumphed with the help of Steve Bing. Peter Bing, on the other hand, filed an appeal, and his attempt to disinherit the two children was successful.

Hurley said in a statement, “When Stephen took his own life, he died thinking his children were going to be taken care of,”

“What Stephen wanted has now been callously reversed. I know Stephen would have been devastated.”

Who is Damian Hurley’s Dad?

Steve Bing is the father of Damian Hurley.

Hurley’s father committed suicide on June 22, 2020, at the age of 55, by jumping from the 27th storey of a building in Los Angeles’ Century City neighborhood.

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He was worth $300,000 at the time of his death, having wasted the majority of the $600 million he had inherited.

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