Courteney Ross (George Floyd’s Girlfriend) Biography: Wiki, Age, Heartbreaking Memories

Who is Courteney Ross?

Courteney Ross is the girlfriend of George Floyd.

Ross is the manager of Coffee Shop Northeast in Minneapolis, which is located at 2852A Johnson Street. She’s been with the store for 22 years and has spent the majority of her life in the city.

Floyd and she met in 2017 at the Harbor Light Center of the Salvation Army, where Floyd worked as a security guard.


Her age is unknown.

Courteney Ross And George Floyd

Prior to his death, Courtney said that they had been together for three years.

Ms. Ross has one daughter and works at a coffee shop in Minneapolis, according to a Facebook page that appears to belong to her.

Ross said, “In August 2017 I had gotten off work one night and went to go visit my son’s father who was staying at Harbor Lights the Salvation Army shelter.”

Floyd approached her as she was waiting in the lobby and said, “sis, you okay, sis?” When Ross replied she wasn’t, he said, “well can I pray with you?”

Heartbreaking Memories

Ms. Ross has confirmed that her partner’s death “cannot be in vain.”

She referred to him as an “angel on earth” in an emotional video with CNN.

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She added, “We demonized him. We killed him.”

Ms. Ross has encouraged people to consider her partner for what he stood for rather than how he died.

Ms. Ross said that the “man of God” fought for the underdog.

She continued, “He stood up for people, he was there for people when they were down, he loved people that were thrown away.

“We prayed over every meal, we prayed if we were having a hard time, we prayed if we were having a good time.”

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