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Who is Clinton Ferreira? Clinton Ferreira Bio/Wiki

In St Ives, Cornwall, Clinton Ferreira, 38, assaulted a teenager celebrating her exam results, a tourist, and then raped a woman.

Until they were unconscious, he strangled two of his victims and then filmed the assaults on his cell phone, so he could ‘relive the moment’, and stole underwear. The assaults were carried out over a three-month period from August last year, Truro Crown Court heard.


He was 38 years old.

St Ives Attacks

Ferreira, born in South Africa, waited to be alone with his first victim and sexually assaulted her on a deserted beach.

He tried to rape a lone tourist in a tent three weeks later, and the following month, while pretending to be supporting a drunk woman, he took her to his apartment, where he raped her.


He was found guilty of false imprisonment, attack by penetration, two charges of trying to choke/suffocate a victim with the intention of committing rape, attempted rape, taking indecent images of a child, assault causing serious bodily harm, and rape. In a declaration to the court, one of Ferreira’s victims described her horror at being strangled and how this had ruined her life. She said, ‘I felt paralysed and I kept asking myself, how long does he need to kill me? This question terrorizes me daily,’.

‘I’ve had some counseling but I am still psychologically damaged by the whole incident.’

The first victim told the tribunal: ‘I do not walk alone after dark and don’t want to go out in the daytime, yet alone at night.

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‘During the attack, I feared for my life and genuinely feared I was going to be raped and murdered.’ Another victim said that afterward, she had suffered nightmares and found it difficult to sleep, barricading furniture against the door of her bedroom. She added, ‘I used to enjoy going for walks at night and sitting on the beach and I can’t face doing this anymore because I feel unsafe,’

Full Details

The judge said police had uncovered more than 200 hours of violent adult pornography on a monitor at Ferreira’s house, as well as recordings of other women’s meetings.

He said, ‘At that point, you will only be released if the Parole Board conclude you no longer present a threat to women,’

‘For my own part, I can easily envisage a situation in which you will serve the entirety of that 20 years.

‘If you are released you will be released under the strictest of license conditions and that license period will be extended by five years.’

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