Who is Ciomara Garcia? Bio, Wiki, Age, Woman Punched By Cop Full Details

Ciomara Garcia Bio/Wiki

Two officers restrained one of their colleagues after the latter was accused of hitting a handcuffed woman named Ciomara Garcia repeatedly.

According to TMZ, an unnamed Westminster Police Department officer has been put on administrative leave while the matter is investigated. The incident was captured on camera by a bystander, and the video has gone viral on social media. It occurred about four o’clock in the evening on Wednesday, April 21, when police responded to a complaint of an alleged assault and battery in the 14100 block of Locust Street.


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According to a police press release, officers were dispatched to the scene after a report was made that a woman, Ciomara Garcia, had attacked another woman who was attempting to rescue a dog running loose in the street.


She is 34 years old.

Woman Punched By Cop Full Details

Garcia was arrested after showing signs of intoxication and having an outstanding bench warrant for burglary, according to the police.

Garcia was on the ground and being held down by two officers when one of them punched her twice in the chest, according to the video. The other cop, as well as a third officer nearby, tried to drive the officer who had used force away from Garcia right away.

Garcia had been “combative” while handcuffed and waiting for paramedics, according to the department, and the cop who hit her was attempting to subdue her. Garcia was taken to a hospital for evaluation, but no injuries were confirmed.

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According to department spokesman Cmdr. Alan Iwashita, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for vandalism.

The Orange County district attorney’s office will receive felony charges of assault and battery, being under the influence of a controlled drug, resisting arrest, and assault on a police officer, according to the department.

Garcia allegedly attacked an Asian woman, but Iwashita said it was unclear if the attack was racially motivated. It was unclear who was representing Garcia at the time. He said the department would not release any further details about the officer, who was put on administrative leave on Wednesday pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation.

According to the department, it is in contact with the district attorney’s office, which will decide whether or not to file charges.

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