Chi Tai (Comedian Dies At 62) Biography: Wiki, Age, Wife, Career, Death Cause

Who is Chi Tai? Chi Tai Bio/Wiki

Tai Chi is an artist, a comedian, the original American Vietnam. Nguyen Chi Tai is his full name. In both domestic and international countries, the artist Chi Tai has many shows.

In the 90s, Chi Tai was also a drummer, singer in overseas harmony, and a musician who wrote and composed Vietnamese lyrics for some songs. Chi Tai died of a stroke on the afternoon of December 9, 2020.


He was 62 years old.


Chi Tai got married to singer Phuong Loan in 1987. Chi Tai agreed with his wife that he would not have kids to concentrate on his job.

In 2019, when he was interviewed, he expressed remorse for not having a child to succeed in his career. He adopted the faith of his wife after his marriage and became a Catholic, with Joseph as his holy name.


Chi Tai engaged in local cultural events in the Phu Nhuan district of Saigon as a guitar player in the years 1976 – 1977.

Chi Tai moved to the United States in 1981 to live under family patronage, planning to establish a new life in America by learning English and computers and taking a break from entertainment. However, despite his family’s protests, he still maintained his love for painting.

Chi Tai enrolled near his home in piano lessons and jazz courses. In order to purchase him an electronic sound system, including drums and musical instruments, his father decided to spend a pension to form a young group, from which he founded the Chi Tai’s Brothers family band with Chí Thien (keyboard), Quang My (bass), Phuong Loan (lead vocalist), Kieu Linh (trumpet), Chi Thai (drum), Trinh Nam Son (saxophone, keyboard) and Chi Tai Son (saxophone, keyboard) (lead guitar, background vocal). Chi Tai’s Brothers initially played at weddings and community functions.

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In the supporting roles of 5 films in 2010, Chi Tai appeared: Teen Princess and the Five Tigers, Love Castle, Bitter Fruit, Rival Ky Phung, Famous Princesses.

In 2015, Chi Tai appeared as Tu Phi, a man who remade his life after leaving jail, in the movie Triumph No. (directed by Dustin Nguyen). The film won the 2016 Golden Wing Best Movie Award for its work.

In 2017, in the film, The Nostalgic’ ‘Da” Chi Tai reunited Hoai Linh – adapted from a theatrical work of the same name as Nam Trieu.

Death Cause Full Details

Chi Tai was reported to have died in hospital due to a stroke on the afternoon of December 9, 2020. On the 7th floor staircase of the apartment where he lived in Phu Nhuan district, he was discovered lying motionless.

While an ambulance was sent immediately to take him to an emergency hospital, Chi Tai eventually did not survive and died the same day at 3:20 pm. It is understood that there was a history of diabetes, cholesterol, and high cholesterol in Chi Tai before.

Phuong Loan, the wife of Chi Tai, decided to take her husband back to the United States for a funeral, so he didn’t have a visitation ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City. Hoai Linh, Chi Tai’s colleague and close friend, who was with him at the last minute as well was allowed to take care of this by her family.

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