Who is Cherysse Cleveland? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Charged, Ravenna McDonald’s Attack

Cherysse Cleveland Bio/Wiki

After a fight with workers at a McDonald’s in Ravenna, Ohio, a woman named Cherysse Cleveland was detained. Cherysse Cleveland is accused of abusing workers in a viral Facebook video. On June 14, 2021, the three-minute video was uploaded on the social media platform.

“Craziness is out in full force, just saw this at Ravenna McDonald’s.” Brian Allen said on Facebook after posting the video. The event occurred around 9:40 a.m., according to Fox 8.

According to the TV station, Ravenna Police were summoned to the fast-food business at 418 West Main Street for a report of an attack.


She is 44 years old.

Ravenna McDonald’s Attack Full Details

According to court documents acquired by Fox 8, officers spotted Cleveland, 44, “aggressively swinging her arms” at people inside the McDonald’s when they arrived.

According to the police, she was handcuffed and removed from the restaurant. Cleveland became enraged, according to court filings when McDonald’s employees told her she couldn’t blend all three slushy types together.

According to the television station, she said authorities she “lost it” and started hitting the employees. According to the television station, Cleveland also tried to walk behind the McDonald’s counter to prepare a slushy for herself and hit a worker in the face when she was stopped.

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Full Video

Cleveland is seen behind the McDonald’s counter addressing two staff in the video, which has 27k reacts over 2.9 million views and 42K comments, and 72K shares on Facebook.

Cleveland is seen hitting one of the staffers and then attempting to push through both women who are attempting to restrain her. “Don’t touch me,” one of the workers says to Cleveland.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been up all day. I’m sorry.” Cleveland says to the staff. She then takes one of the employees’ masks from their faces and throws her fist down on the counter.

Cleveland is then informed by one of the McDonald’s employees that she may face charges of assault and battery. “OK, then I’ll go to prison. I will go to f***** prison,” Cleveland responds, “I’m going to f***** prison.”

According to Fox 8, two employees were injured in minor ways. According to Allen, who posted the video, “I was concerned that she may start hurting somebody. So, I started recording in case law enforcement needed the tape for any kind of evidence of the assault.”

Allen then added, “If I was in their shoes, I wouldn’t have been able to show the restraint they did. You can see from the video that several times, not just once, she physically assaults and or pushes them. And they don’t do anything except try to protect themselves.

He continued, “And you can clearly hear the one employee trying to protect her boss as well. I think they both did outstanding jobs. I don’t see anybody having to take abuse like that. I think the lesson is just to treat people the way that we want to be treated, and I don’t see that a lot in the world anymore.”

Arrested And Charges

According to court documents, Cleveland was arrested at the Ravenna Police Department and then transported to the Portage County Justice Center.

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Cleveland was charged with two first-degree misdemeanor assault counts, according to court documents in Portage County. According to Ohio state law, the charges could result in a jail sentence of up to six months.

Cleveland appeared in front of a Portage County judge on July 15 and entered a not guilty plea, according to WOIO. According to the television station, her bond was set at $1,000.

She was instructed by the judge not to return to Ravenna McDonald’s and to avoid contact with the victims. According to records, she bonded out of detention. In Portage County, Ohio, Cleveland was convicted guilty of second-degree felonious assault in 2014. As part of a settlement, charges of first-degree kidnapping and interrupting public service were dismissed.

She received a two-year term, with credit for the 217 days she spent in jail prior to her sentencing.

Cleveland was accused of tossing a woman to the ground, striking her repeatedly, and then throwing a lamp at her, according to court documents.

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