Who is Chantelle Doyle? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shark Attack Survivor

Chantelle Doyle Bio/Wiki

A shark attack victim named Chantelle Doyle explained how her spouse rescued her from the Great White Shark’s jaws.

Last year, Chantelle Doyle and her husband Mark went on a holiday to Port Macquarie, New South Wales.


She is 35 years old.

What Happened?

The couple took to the crystal clear water early in the “sunny and gorgeous” day, with Ms. Doyle stating that nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

But then came the disaster.

In an appearance with This Morning, Chantelle and her boyfriend Mark Rapley, 37, who saved her by hitting the big shark in the face, relived the horrifying attack.

Mark rushed to the rescue and swam away from the shark, but he claimed it was difficult, like “punching a brick wall.”

Chantelle said, “The shark grabbed my leg when I was still in the water and it was like a sudden vice clamping around my leg, so it wasn’t really painful, it was just a lot of pressure.”

“And then I just grabbed the board and I pulled myself onto it.”

Chantelle let out a terrifying cry at that point, and her heroic boyfriend dove into the water to save her from the 10-foot beast.

She said, “I don’t know how, but I actually pulled the shark a little bit with me because when Mark arrived when I saw him in the water next to me.”

“I was like ‘Oh my gosh, what are you doing? Get out of the water!”

He said, “[The shark’s] nose was out of the water so I could rain punches down on it.”

“After seeing the fin and the shark’s head close Chantelle’s leg, Mark stated he was able to pull himself onto her board.”

“It feels like you’re punching a brick wall, like it’s hard.”

“So, I just ditched the board, to just start whaling punches… It was just, just throw as hard as I could until it lets go, because you sort of, just want it to be gone.”

“[I was looking] dead-set in the eye. That memory sits with me a lot, a black eye.”

He claimed he targeted the shark’s nose with his strikes because “it’s more sensitive.”

With the blows, he was able to pull Chantelle to shore by convincing the shark to let go and swim away.

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Is Chantelle Doyle Ok Now?

The knee, calf muscle, tendon, bone, cartilage, and nerves of Chantelle were all injured.

But not her arteries, which could have resulted in her death if she had bled to death.

She explained, “I have my nerves cut in two places and partially severed in two places.”

“I can’t move or feel my right leg and they say it’ll take maybe 300 to 400 days for my nerves to regrow and then we will know what will happen to my leg.”

She went on to say that as an environmental scientist, she knows the importance of sharks and that she still admires them.

Chantelle was treated on the dunes by passers-by and paramedics before being flown to neighboring Port Macquarie Hospital by air ambulance.

She was then transported to Newcastle Hospital, where she had a series of specialized procedures.

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