Who is New Central Park Karen? Bio, Wiki, Age, Racist Woman, Calls 911 To Claim They’re Beating Her Full Details

Central Park Karen Bio/Wiki

A woman harassed YouTuber Lana Cole, whose real name is Alana Lambert when they were vlogging in Central Park in New York City. A woman can be seen refusing to return her portable charger in a video Lambert posted on her YouTube channel and TikTok.

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The unidentified woman, nicknamed ‘Central Park Karen’ by internet users, went so far as to call 911 and falsely accuse the two vloggers of ‘touching, assaulting, and beating’ her. “Yes, I am,” the woman says in the video when Lambert asks if she is racist. I prefer my race to any other race. “What exactly is your issue?”

The matter was eventually resolved thanks to the police’s intervention, who returned Lambert’s phone charger to her. Making a false 911 call on racial grounds is now considered a hate crime in New York.


Her age is unknown.

Calls 911 To Claim They’re Beating Her Full Details

Lambert claims that she and a Black friend wanted to spend a day vlogging their way around New York City. Her portable charger dropped off her friend’s CitiBike as they rode around Central Park.

When the woman cyclist approached to take the battery, Lambert confronted her and demanded that she return it. The woman, on the other hand, declined, claiming that they had no evidence that the charger was theirs. She said, “You have to prove it. I’m not saying I’m not going to give it to you; you have to prove that it’s yours,”

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Lambert said on camera, “She’s saying that I have to prove it’s mine and she’s calling the cops on me right now,”

The woman is also seen speaking to a 911 dispatcher on her phone in the video, saying, “Ma’am they don’t left me, there are two girls. They are surrounding me and they are threatening me that they are going to beat me or something.”

Off-camera, Lambert can be heard asking her not to do that and calling her a liar. “You know that’s illegal now, right?” she says to the woman.

The woman also informs the 911 dispatcher later on, “They’re getting close to me and they’re already touching me,”

Although there is no evidence of Lambert touching or harming anyone in the video.


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Later, the woman threatens Lambert with breaking the battery, saying, “I’m going throw it away. You haven’t paid for it, your daddy paid for it, or maybe your sister paid for it.”

The video then cuts to a squad of horse-mounted NYC police officers approaching the debating trio, who intervene to resolve the situation. Lambert went on to recount the incident in the video, becoming emotional as he did so.

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