Carrie O’Connor (Crushed By Elevator) Biography: Wiki, Age, Video Footage, Death

Who is Carrie O’Connor? Carrie O’Connor Bio/Wiki

A state’s inspection report on the death of Professor Carrie O’Connor from Boston University, who was crushed to death in the elevator of her apartment complex, found that the elevator did not malfunction. The Massachusetts Office of Public Safety and Inspections completed the report, which was obtained by NBC10 Boston.

O’Connor, a 38-year-old French lecturer at Boston University, died of traumatic asphyxiation on September 14 after falling down the elevator shaft in her apartment building, NBC10 confirmed and was trapped between the elevator and the shaft.

A few weeks ago, neighbors told WCVB at the time, and at the time of the incident, she had been trying to fit a huge package into the elevator. O’Connor had just moved into the Allston neighborhood building at 1140 Commonwealth Ave.


She was 38 years old.

The State’s Report

According to the Heavy, the state report concluded, according to the Boston Globe, that there was no elevator malfunction, but the elevator malfunction “emergency stop switch was not labeled at the time of the accident,” and O’Connor’s death was the result of a “tragic convergence of circumstances,” Mentioned by the outlet. Inspector Martin Guiod signed it and the name of O’Connor was redacted in the article, the outlet reported.

Video Footage

The accident video revealed that O’Connor, who was struggling with the box, inadvertently activated the switch signaling that the inner gate was locked, while NBC10 wrote that it was not.

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O’Connor lost her hold on the box when the elevator started to move downwards and it disengaged the button, stopping the elevator between the first floor and the basement.

O’Connor was then seen readjusting the package on camera, allowing the switch to be triggered again. O’Connor vanished from the video as the elevator started to travel downward again, the inspector wrote in the study, indicating she’d dropped down the elevator shaft. Firefighters found the professor’s body trapped between the elevator and the shaft, NBC10 posted.

About The Elevator

“On Sept. 14, the elevator at 1140 Commonwealth Ave. did not fail, although the” emergency stop switch at the time of the accident was not labeled, “the report, which was dated Tuesday, said. According to the investigation, signed by Inspector Martin Guiod, O’Connor’s death was caused by a tragic convergence of circumstances.


At Boston University, O’Connor was a French lecturer. A speaker has said that in 2019 she started working at BU and was very much respected by her colleagues. Her parents said that she enjoyed traveling and cooking at school.

She has received a B.S. from Virginia Tech, an M.A. from Middlebury College, and a Doctoral degree in French Studies from Louisiana State University. Her Bu Profile

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