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Sadistic burglars in Greece tortured a British mother named Caroline Crouch to death by holding a gun to her baby’s head after tying up her husband.

Caroline Crouch, 20, was strangled by three men after they forced her to disclose where she kept £30,000 in cash and jewelry at her Athens home.


She was 20 years old.


Charalambos Anagnostopoulos is the husband of Caroline Crouch.

Her husband Charalambos Anagnostopoulos, 32, a helicopter pilot.

Tortured To Death

After smashing a CCTV camera and hanging the family’s dog by its own collar, the thieves forced their way into the 2 house at 4.30 a.m. today.

According to news site Ta Nea, a fourth criminal stood guard outside the suburban home while the other three discovered the couple sleeping in an attic bedroom with their boy. In a sickening attempt to get the mother to disclose where the money was hidden, the robbers allegedly stuck a gun to the 11-month-old girl’s head. Caroline was strangled to death by the depraved gang after being bound to the bed with a t-shirt to stop her crying for her baby’s life.

According to some sources, the killers discovered husband Charalambos sleeping in another bed.

According to a senior police officer interviewed by The New York Times, the pilot attempted to fight the gang off before being bound to a chair.

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According to sources, Charalambos was able to free himself after the armed men fled, and he discovered his baby daughter weeping beside her mother’s lifeless body.


An investigator said: “The woman appears to have been strangled by the robbers in their bid to locate jewelry and cash the couple may have had in their home.

“We are waiting for the coroner’s report to establish if there was any other type of assault.”

The shocked husband told police about the moment he was assaulted by the three men, according to Proto Thema. He said: “It was shortly after five. I saw three hooded men. One was tall. They shouted and threatened in broken Greek.

“They tied me to a chair and then went on my wife.”

He reportedly told cops, “When I managed to break free, I rushed upstairs to the attic to find my wife on the floor facing down, and the baby next to her wailing,”

Murdered By Burglars Full Details

About 6 a.m., Charalambos called the cops. According to The Dawn, the Greek government has offered a £258,000 reward for information leading to the men’s capture.

The robbers appeared to be seasoned, according to police, and they had likely been watching the couple for some time before the attack.

The gangsters allegedly broke into the house through a basement window before murdering the family dog on the first floor. They fled the house, leaving the dead hound hanging from a fence outside.

Officers are looking at surveillance footage to see if the group got away and whether they were in the area prior to the raid.

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The murder, according to police spokesman Theodoros Chronopoulos, was a “heinous crime committed with extreme ferocity.” He added: “We’ve seen several other ugly murders throughout the years. But this was extremely brutal and violent.”

According to the police, the murdered woman was born in Greece but held a British passport.

Mrs. Crouch was a student at the University of Piraeus, and the couple can be seen posing with their baby on her husband’s Instagram account. Greeks are accustomed to gangland murders, but the strangling of a mother in front of her child has shocked the world.

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