Who is Carmen Salinas’ Husband Pedro Plascencia Ramírez? Carmen Salinas Cause Of Death

Who is Pedro Plascencia Ramírez?

Pedro Plascencia Ramírez is the husband of Mexican actress Carmen Salinas.

Carmen Salinas Lozano was an actress, impressionist, comedian, politician, and theater entrepreneur from Mexico.

During her later political career, she was affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).


Carmen Salinas was 82 years old and his husband Pedro Plascencia Ramírez is around 80-90 years old.


The couple has 2 children. Pedro Plascencia Salinas was born in 1956 to Salinas and his wife Pedro Plascencia. Plascencia Salinas passed away on April 19, 1994, from cancer.

Carmen Salinas And Pedro Plascencia Ramírez

They got married in 1958. In the year 1939, Salinas was born. She made her television debut in 1964, starring in shows including La vecindad, La Frontera, and El Chofer, directed by Ernesto Alonso.

She has also featured in plays, over 110 films, and over 30 television episodes, and has collaborated with actors and producers such as Denzel Washington and Juan Osorio.

Her traveling musical Aventurera was another successful effort. Salinas stated in an interview with El Universal in March 2015 that she “had been a prista ever since she had the use of reason.”

Salinas was elected to the Mexican Congress’s Chamber of Deputies for the LXIII Legislature in 2015 when the PRI placed her on its proportional representation ticket for election from the fourth electoral area. She sat on the Gender Equality, Radio and Television, and Health Commissions.

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Salinas had the lowest educational level of all the deputies in the legislature, having barely completed primary school.

How Did Carmen Salinas Die?

Salinas went into a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage as a result of hypertension on November 11, 2021.

Salinas never regained consciousness and died on December 9, 2021, in Mexico City, at the age of 82.

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