Carl Girouard (Quebec City Sword Attack) Biography: Wiki, Age, Suspect, Victims, Details

Who is Carl Girouard? Carl Girouard Bio/Wiki

Carl Girouard is a 24-year-old Montreal man who was named as a suspect in random sword attacks in Quebec City, Canada, leaving two dead and at least five wounded on Halloween night, reports Le Journal de Quebec.


Police said the attacker was dressed in medieval clothes at a news conference and armed with a Japanese-style katana sword.

According to the CBC, some witnesses identified the suspect as being dressed as a samurai. According to the police, the attack was premeditated, but the victims were chosen at random.

Girouard, who is from the North Shore of Montreal, does not have a criminal record, the police chief in Quebec City said at a press conference on Sunday. In a mental health sense, not in a criminal one, he said specifics about past threats were made.

Police searched Girouard’s home in Place Brosseau in Sainte-Therese and also searched his car, according to Le Journal de Quebec. For the first time, he was expected to appear in court via video on Sunday. It was not immediately clear what allegations were being made against him.


He is 24 years old.


Police said the suspect was due to appear in court on Sunday, November 1 via videotape. Authorities have not officially published his name, but Le Journal de Quebec has confirmed his identity with a variety of sources, the newspaper reports. Radio Canada also named the suspect as Girouard, according to the CBC.

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According to the police, Girouard is thought to have been motivated by “personal motives” and there are no established ties to terror or hate groups.

Police said the investigation was continuing, but Girouard is not thought to have been influenced by religious or political ideology. The police said they did not suspect that the attack was related to recent terrorism in France.

At a press conference, Quebec City Police Chief Robert Pigeon told reporters that the suspect had arrived in Quebec City “with the intention of doing the most damage possible” During the spree of stabbing and slashing. Of the surviving victims, Pigeon said, “some have very significant lacerations but we do not fear for their lives.”

Etienne Doyon, the police spokesperson, said investigators were trying to decide if Girouard acted alone “Nothing is impossible,”. he said to Global News, “But for now, we’re happy to have arrested a suspect and the investigation is ongoing.”

According to Le Soleil, Pigeon said, “Someone who disguises himself, who shows up on the scene with a bladed weapon and a costume, and randomly will target victims in his path, obviously I think he had planned his action.”

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The victims of the attacks have not been named, but the authorities have confirmed that they are all citizens of Quebec City and that they include two French nationals who have been living in Canada for many years. So far, little information about Girouard has been published.

According to the CBC, the body of the first victim was found on du Tresor Lane, close to the Chateau Frontenac hotel. The first victim was “slaughtered,” and had a wound “pierced” through the upper body, according to Le Soleil, and there was a lot of blood. The second was situated on Street des Remparts. For more than two hours, the police hunted for the perpetrator.

Girouard Have Mental Health Issues

Prior to the attacks, Girouard was reported to have mental health concerns, officials said at a press conference on Sunday. During the news conference, officials emphasized mental health several times, with the Quebec City mayor saying the government would resolve community mental health problems.


The suspect made threats of violence, including trying to kill people, according to police, in 2014, “in a medical context.”

Le Journal de Quebec told Michelle Chagnon, a neighbor at Girouard’s apartment complex in the Montreal area, “It’s deplorable. The man who smashed the jawbone of a bus driver is also from here. I think there is a lack of mental health resources in the area. It’s starting to not be reassuring.”

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About The Attacks

The attacks started around 10:30 p.m. On Halloween Saturday night, according to the CBC. Near the Chateau Frontenac hotel, on du Tresor Street, and on des Remparts Street, the news organization says, the attacks took place.

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