Buddy Colt (Ron Read) Biography: Wiki, Age, Career, Death Cause

Who is Buddy Colt? Buddy Colt Bio/Wiki

Ron Read, also known as “Cowboy” Ron Reed and Ty Colt, was an American professional wrestler who competed for the St. Louis Wrestling Club, Championship Wrestling from Florida, and Georgia Championship Wrestling under the name Buddy Colt. He was born on born 1936.

Buddy Colt New Photo (Credit: Reese Beck / Twitter)


He was the six-time winner of the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship, five-time winner of the NWA Florida Southern Heavyweight Championship, and once the winner of the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship.


He was 85 years old.


Colt was the pilot of a plane that crashed in the water near Tampa Bay on February 20, 1975, killing Bobby Shane. Colt was badly hurt, as were passengers Gary Hart and Austin Idol.

Colt, a top heel in wrestling during the 1970s, started his career in 1962 and was forced to retire due to a plane crash in 1975.

He won six NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championships and four NWA Florida Heavyweight Championships during that 13-year span, among many other titles.

He debuted as “Cowboy” Ron Reed in Nashville and rapidly spread throughout the country, including a stint in the WWWF in 1963. He was a tough guy who was also a bodybuilder and had a good judo history. He was at the stage that a world title run might have been considered.

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Death Cause

The news was first recorded by the Cauliflower Alley Club. Details of his death were kept private.

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