Who is Brad Sigmon? Bio, Wiki, Age, Death Penalty, Execution Date

Brad Sigmon Bio/Wiki

The execution of convicted murderer Brad Sigmon was stopped by the South Carolina Supreme Court on the grounds that it wouldn’t be legal until a firing squad was available.

Sigmon was supposed to die on Friday. In 2001, he was found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend’s parents named David and Gladys Larke, with a baseball bat. According to Greenville News, the man’s execution cannot be rescheduled unless a firing squad is set up as one of the choices.


He is 63 years old.

Execution (Death Penalty)

Spokeswoman Chrysti Shain said to the Greenville News, The state Department of Corrections “is moving ahead with creating policies and procedures for a firing squad,”

“We are looking to other states for guidance through this process. We will notify the court when a firing squad becomes an option for executions.”

According to the journal, the effort is part of a series of legal maneuvers emanating from South Carolina’s modified death sentence law.

Officials from the state prison system claim they are still unable to obtain lethal injection chemicals and have yet to assemble a firing squad, leaving the state’s 109-year-old electric chair as the only means of execution.

The executions of both Sigmon and Freddie Owens, who was due to die a week later, were halted by the state’s high court, according to The Associated Press. Both defendants’ attorneys contended that if the state could not obtain lethal injection medications, the state’s 109-year-old electric chair should not be used. The counsel contended that death by electrocution is cruel and unusual.

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What Did Brad Sigmon Do?

Why Brad Sigmon Get Death Penalty? In 2001, Sigmon was accused of the murders of both of his girlfriend’s parents. According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections’ death row registry, he was sentenced to death in July 2002. Sigmon and Owens are two of the 37 prisoners on the execution row in South Carolina.

Near July 2019, Sigmon arrived at his current institution, Broad River Correctional Institution in Columbia.

On July 20, 2002, he was sentenced to 30 years in jail for burglary and to death for the April 2001 murders of David and Gladys Larke.

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