Who is Boogie2988? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Aggravated Assault Warrant, Shooting Incident Full Details

Boogie2988 Bio/Wiki

Boogie2988 AKA Stephen Williams a YouTube star has been charged with aggravated assault in connection with a gun incident involving fellow YouTuber Frank Hassle in 2020.

According to online records, Boogie2988, whose real name is Steven Jason Williams, is wanted on an arrest warrant in Washington County, Arkansas.

When Frank Hassle turned up at Boogie2988’s home in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in September 2020, the 46-year-old pointed a rifle and fired a warning shot, according to DramaAlert host Keemstar.

Prior to the incident, he accused Hassle of being an online troll and bullying him, according to Keemstar.


He is 46 years old.

Arrested (Aggravated Assault Warrant)

On May 7, 2021, a Washington County judge issued a warrant for Boogie’s arrest, which is reported on the Washington County Sheriff’s Office website. His bail has been set at $5,000.

Boogie, who is well known for his rants about video games and geek culture, took to Twitter to respond to the arrest warrant news, writing that he would completely cooperate with authorities.

Boogie was out of state at the time the warrant was released, according to his social media accounts. On May 10, Boogie tweeted that he had met with his attorney and was on his way back to Arkansas. The case against Boogie2988 was filed on May 7, 2021, according to court documents obtained by Heavy. He was charged with aggravated assault in Arkansas, which is a class D felony.

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A class D felony in Arkansas carries a maximum sentence of up to six years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000, according to state law.


The Fayetteville Police Department filed the charge. The warrant was secured by Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Durrett and Deputy Prosecutor Denis Dean. Prosecutors have lodged criminal information alleging that “on or about September 28, 2020, in Washington County, Arkansas, the said defendant knowingly and under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life, purposely displays a firearm in such a manner that creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury. … the defendant discharged a firearm into a residential neighborhood, thereby manifesting an extreme indifference to the value of human life and creating a substantial danger of death or physical injury against the peace and dignity of the State of Arkansas.”

The majority of Detective Joshua Mixon’s affidavit in support of the charge is redacted, including the section on the case’s truth. The court records are silent on when Boogie will appear for his hearing. According to Vice’s Motherboard, Boogie2988 said that Frank Hassle had been stalking him before the incident. He told the news organization, “If I had to do it over. I would do things differently.”

He added, “I don’t think I would have opened the door. I think, in retrospect, it was a mistake to open the door. You know, I certainly do not want to shoot anybody. I certainly absolutely do not want to kill anybody. I hate that I was put into that situation.”

Before the incident, Hassle and Boogie appeared on video with Keemstar, who often posts videos on social media showing him threatening people while filming with a GoPro. During the exchange, Boogie said to Hassle, “This is not f****** funny to me. I am not participating willingly in this. I told you to f****** leave me alone, and I will fucking end you if you step foot on my f****** property, Frank.”

After learning of Boogie’s arrest warrant, Keemstar released a video in support of him. He added, “I do not have any side in this conflict. I just simply tweeted what was going on. And I hope for the safety of everyone on both sides. War is never good. Innocent people die.”

Boogie2988 Responded

Boogie2988 responded to the news of the charge against him on Twitter. He said, “So news circulating around me: can’t really comment for obvious reason. Thank you and anyone for support in this situation tho. I am gonna do the right thing and do it by the book. Glad to cooperate with authorities. Heading home today to do so.”

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