Who is Bonita Vivien Coue? Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrested, Sprayed Her ex-Husband

Bonita Vivien Coue Bio/Wiki

After reportedly spraying her ex-husband named Kerry Michael Rooney with bleach and slicing his neck, a woman named Bonita Vivien Coue has been charged with murder.

Bonita Vivien Coue was detained on Wednesday night in Brisbane, Australia, for allegedly killing Kerry Michael Rooney.


She is 63 years old.

Sprayed Her ex-Husband Full Details

Coue allegedly took a bus to Mr. Rooney’s flat with a bottle of bleach, a toy gun, and two kitchen knives, according to Brisbane Arrests Court on Thursday.

Coue allegedly waited in the stairwell of his apartment building as the single father-of-one was out with his 10-year-old son.

Coue was allegedly observing the 51-year-old for two weeks before the alleged murder, according to officers. According to investigators, they were married but divorced years ago. Coue allegedly sprayed Mr. Rooney in the face with bleach before stabbing him in the neck, legs, back, stomach, and hands when he returned home on Wednesday night.

Mr. Rooney yelled for aid several times as he tried to flee Coue, but she allegedly pursued him and began to stab him.

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Coue allegedly bent over him and sliced his throat after he finally collapsed to the ground in the middle of the roadway. When cops arrived on the scene, a knife was still lodged in Mr. Rooney’s back.

Coue is also accused of attempting to spray a neighbor with bleach and pointing her toy gun at a neighbor who attempted to intervene with a baseball bat. The prosecution described the alleged attack as “premeditated, brutal, and unhinged,” according to court filings.

Coue and Mr. Rooney were previously married, according to Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming, who stated during a press conference on Thursday that their relationship ended years ago.

He said, “We will allege that the male ran away, and the female followed him and subsequently stabbed him in the neck,”

“It’s my understanding that the victim and the offender were previously in a long-term relationship and had a child together, but that relationship ended more than five years ago.”

“My understanding is the male victim had no reason to suspect that he would be set up last night.”


Coue has been charged with murder, two counts of assault causing bodily harm, and being armed with the intent to instill fear. She remarked in court after hearing the charges, “May I say the first charge is true… and the fourth one was self defence.”

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