Bishop Iona Locke (Passed Away) Biography: Wiki, Age, Husband, Career, Death Cause

Who is Bishop Iona Locke? Bishop Iona Locke Bio/Wiki

In the state of Michigan, Dr. Iona Locke was a Bishop. She was born in Pittsburgh and began her education before attending Harty’s Bible School in the Pittsburgh School System.

She then pursued her Christian studies and was awarded a Ph.D. in Theology and Divinity Programs.

It’s sad to announce the death of Bishop Iona Locke. It has been confirmed that she died on December 18, 2020. As at the time of the filing of this article, her cause of death or what contributed to her demise was not made public.


She was 72 years old.


Iona has served in churches around the world, but in Detroit, Michigan, she is best known for being the Bishop of a parish. On 23rd August 2000, she was consecrated as a bishop.

She is known for her music as well and has published a number of gospel songs. Via her sermons and songs, Bishop Locke inspired so many individuals. Several posted their responses to her passing on social media. As of now, her cause of death is unclear. In our prayers, we will continue to carry her family and loved ones.

The Lord commissioned Bishop Locke to further her Christian training. In doing so in July 1994, she proceeded to complete her Ph.D. in Theology and Divinity Programs. To a couple of education with experience is of higher understanding. In the DMV region, she was very well known and loved.

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Was Bishop Iona Locke Ever Married?

No. Bishop Iona Locke has never been married. She was engaged to Bishop Earl Wortham of Baltimore Maryland back in the 1980s.

Death Cause

This week, unfortunately, a well-loved Michigan Bishop passed away, and tributes to her are flooding Twitter. Her death was announced on December 18th in an official statement by her family on social media, and she is going to be dearly missed. Here’s what you have to know about Iona Locke.

Her cause of death is presently unclear, but the statement said that before seeking everyone’s “continuous prayers” for her family, church, and fellowship, she had undergone a “season of sickness.”

On Friday morning (December 18th), an official statement from Iona’s family, the Christ-Centered Ministries Organization, and the Abyssinia Christ-Centered Church was posted on social media announcing that Iona Locke had sadly passed away.

A passage from Corinthians was quoted from the announcement before saying: “It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that the Locke family, christ-centered Ministry Association and the Abyssinia Christ-Centered Church announce the Episcopal Transition of Her Grace, Presiding Bishop Iona E. Locke.”


She was in a class of her own! One of the Greatest to ever do it!! Take your rest Dr. Iona Locke. #bishopionalocke #drionalocke #teacher #preacher

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