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Beyza Dogan Bio/Wiki

A woman named Beyza Dogan who lost her hands and feet due to a rare infection is hoping for a double arm transplant to transform her life.

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Beyza Dogan, from Turkey, had to have her multiple amputations after suffering a meningococcal infection while living in Cologne, Germany, four years ago. The 24-year-old dental technician’s kidneys collapsed due to the blood poisoning that followed and she ended up losing her arms and legs due to the infection.


She is 24 years old.

How She Lost Her Hands And Feet?

Beyza was saved two years ago when her mother, Mihriban Dogan, 54, donated a kidney to her.

Beyza felt determined not to give up after coming to terms with what had transpired and began research on a double arm transplant. With the help of their family doctor, General Surgery Specialist Dr. Levent Yilmaz, Beyza’s research led her back to Antalya, Turkey. Since then, she’s returned home to try to make her goal come true.

Professor Omer Ozkan, a lecturer in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine, is world-renowned for his double arm and face transplants. Following a series of examinations, Beyza has joined the waiting list for a double arm transplant donor.

Beyza’s treatment has been closely monitored by Dr. Levent Yilmaz, who said: “Beyza lost her upper and lower extremities due to meningococcal disease, which she had unfortunately caught while living in Germany.”

“She even lost her kidneys because of this, and as a result, she had to have a transplant from her mother. During her controls, I thought that the most suitable place for multiple limb transplants was Akdeniz University Hospital.”

“And I immediately met with Dr Omer Ozkan and made an appointment with him for Beyza.”

Dr. Omer Ozkan continued: “Currently, she is using her prostheses. She continues her life, but she has certain problems.”

“She seems motivated and willing for limb transplants. She is a suitable patient. “There are no problems with the tests so far. When deemed appropriate, she will be placed on the transplant list.”

“When a suitable donor is found, there is no obstacle in terms of transplantation for Beyza.”

Beyza stated that she tries to have a positive attitude, adding: “Dr Omer Ozkan is very experienced in this. I am very happy, and I am eagerly waiting for his good news.

“My only dream is to have surgery as soon as possible.”

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