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Beaux Cormier Bio/Wiki

As part of a murder-for-hire attempt to silence an r*pe victim, two women were killed in a shooting in Louisiana on January 13, police said, although none of the two murder victims were the intended target of the plot.

Credit: Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office

The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office reported in a press release on February 1 that Beaux Cormier, who had previously been arrested for his niece’s third-degree r*pe, hired two of his mates to try to kill the r*pe victim.

The sheriff’s office claimed that one murder victim, Cormier’s sister Brittany, was “killed as a result of convincing the gunman that she was actually the victim of the r*pe, potentially saving the life of the real victim of the r*pe.”

The other victim, Hope Nettleton, visited Brittany at home and was fatally shot after trying to battle the shooter, authorities said.


Beaux Cormier is 35 years old. Brittany Cormier was 34 years old, Nettleton was 37 years old.

He Hired Hitmen For Kill His Niece

Credit: Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office

Cormier and the two men he hired, Andrew Eskine and Dalvin Wilson, are in custody and, according to jail reports, all three have been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Tim Soignet, the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff, reported that on January 13, 2021, authorities responded to a residence at 103 Montegut St. and found both Brittany Cormier and Nettleton, dead from gunshot wounds.

He said investigators found that in Vermillion Parish, Beaux Cormier had previously been arrested and charged with his niece’s third-degree r*pe, a case that is still pending.

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Cormier is a registered s*x offender, Soignet also added. Authorities discovered that Cormier, 35, hired two associates, Andrew Eskine and Dalvin Wilson, to kill the survivor of the r*pe, and paid them financially.


The case was investigated with assistance from the Parish Sheriff’s Office of Lafayette, the Parish Sheriff’s Office of Vermillion, the Parish Sheriff’s Office of Acadia, the Police Department of Eunice, and the Marshal’s Office of Eunice City, the press release said.

Who Was The Victim

Her friends recalled Brittany Cormier as a “devoted, loving mother,” the Advocate wrote, whose actions possibly saved the life of her daughter. Samantha LeMaire, her friend, told the Outlet, “She would do anything for her kids. But to this extent? I would have never thought it would ever have come down to this.”

She added, “Brittany Cormier was like an older sister to her who would have been her maid of honor at her upcoming wedding.”

She said the woman never talked about Beaux Cormier’s child. LeMaire said, “She was pretty much like the life of the party, in her own funny, unique type of way. She made you love her, and she never judged anybody,”

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