Who was Barry The Owl? Bio, Wiki, Age, Central Park, Death Cause

Barry the owl Bio/Wiki

Barry the Barred Owl, a renowned Central Park celebrity known for her majestic presence and extremely exuberant behavior, died early Friday in a collision with a Central Park Conservancy maintenance vehicle.

According to a statement made by Central Park, read, “It is with a heavy heart we share that a barred owl, a beloved Central Park resident passed away early this morning. Flying low, likely in search of a meal, the barred owl made contact with a Conservancy maintenance vehicle at approximately 2:30 AM.”

“Conservancy staff immediately reported the incident and Urban Park Rangers were contacted.”

“The barred owl’s presence in Central Park brought so much joy, reminding all of us that the Park is a vital green space for all New Yorkers, including the wildlife that call it home.”

Barry gained a cultishly dedicated following of birders, photographers, joggers, and other New Yorkers over the previous year as she made a home for herself on a branch of hemlock in Central Park’s Ramble.

They grew to rely on her for brightness and comfort during a year of loss for New York City.


Barry the owl was around 1 year old.

How Did Barry The Owl Die?

According to the conservancy’s chief communications officer, Barry died around 2:30 a.m. after she “made contact” with the vehicle of a two-person Central Park Conservancy maintenance crew, which was driving around the park doing early-morning inspection and cleanup.

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The event was immediately reported by staff, according to the conservancy statement.

Eric Balcanoff, 32, a photographer who began visiting Barry on a regular basis last fall to observe and picture him, said, “This owl meant so much to so many people,”

“There’s a lot of us who are devastated today. We always knew she might fly away and start a family, but none of us were prepared for this.”

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