Ayoola Ajayi (Killing MacKenzie Lueck) Biography: Wiki, Age, Mackenzie Lueck, Charges

Who is Ayoola Ajayi? Ayoola Ajayi   Bio/Wiki

The man who confessed that he murdered a Utah student whose burned body was found last year in the north canyon of Utah will remain in jail for the rest of his life.

Ayoola Ajayi, 32, alleged to have committed the murder of MacKenzie Lueck earlier this month.


He is 32 years old.

Life in prison Full Details

In a plea bargain in which Ajayi pleaded culpable to exacerbating murder and abuse of the human body, Treasse was agreed.

The tearful reminder of the 23-year-old Lueck family on Friday was a “real ghost,” Diana Lueck said. “A real ghost.

Mackenzie Lueck’s Father & Mother

Lueck’s parents said that the death of the woman has left a hole in her family. You’re never going to be able to marry your only daughter or keep your kids. They were saying she had her entire life in front of her and was about to graduate from the U.

Diana Lueck said. “This sentence today will not bring back MacKenzie,” Diana Lueck said. “But I hope it will keep this defendant out of the public eye and unable to commit these heinous crimes again.”

Gregory Lueck’s father was more annoyed. He told the assassin of his daughter that he hoped he would live the rest of his life alone and told his officials in Utah he looked forward to calling him that Ajayi had died.

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Mackenzie’s father said, “I can only hope that it will be a slow, painful death,”

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ajayi, the Lueck family, the lawyers, and the judge – who all placed face masks for the hearing – were the only people permitted to attend the court. The audience had a lifetime view of the sentence.

Ajayi hung his head over several of the sentences on Friday and apologized for it briefly. He said, with his facial mask muffled his voice. “I’m sorry for what I did, I know this won’t bring her back.”

Deputy Marc Mathis from the Salt Lake County District Attorney said that the actions of Ajayi attacked Utahner and the country not only for the odious way Lueck died.

Trease, the judge, agreed to restore the sentence on Friday: life in jail for attempted murder and up to five years for the deprivation of a person’s body.

The judge said that the resulting sentences were mainly symbolic but that it was useful to resolve the loss of the Lueck family and to remember the trauma of the other woman Ajayi abused sexually.

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He informed his lawyers after his arrest where Lueck was buried. On 3 July, they collaborated with the prosecutors of Salt Lake County to locate their remains. The graveyard was under trees on the main street.

Furthermore, the prosecutors have indicted Ajayi for several other offenses, including allegations of abduction and sexual harassment by another woman and child pornography on his computer. The children’s porn case has been dismissed in a platform, and Ajayi has accused the other woman of forced sexual assault. On Friday he was sentenced for that accusation to one to fifteen years.


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