Austin Woolsey (Child Abuser) Biography: Wiki, Age, Arrested, Charges, Details

Who is Austin Woolsey? Austin Woolseym Bio/Wiki

Austin Woolsey, 24, was arrested Thursday in Washington County, Utah, after two girls, two and three years of age, were taken to the hospital with second-degree burns on their bodies, police said.


He is 24 years old.

Allegedly Burning Toddlers With Hot Water Full Details

As first mentioned by ABC 4, Woolsey admitted he purposely poured hot water on the kids. They asked if Woolsey knew it was bad what he’d done. He said he had learned his lesson, but he felt ‘a little sad.’

If you’re friends with this man, cut your ties right now. He was arrested in hurricane for pouring hot water on 2…

Posted by Nashai McBride on Wednesday, 28 October 2020


The burns were big, with the two-year-old having marks on his torso, and, according to police, the three-year-old with marks on his forehead and neck area. Any type of liquid appeared to have caused the burn mark, police said.

What the relationship is between Woolsey and the kids is not clear.


He was charged with two counts of child abuse and knowingly causing significant physical harm, all of which are felony charges.

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