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Ashley Henley Bio/Wiki

According to reports, a former Mississippi state lawmaker named Ashley Henley was shot and killed near a burned-out trailer where her sister-in-law was discovered dead last year.

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Ex-Rep. Ashley Henley was found dead from a gunshot wound in rural Yalobusha County, Mississippi, on Sunday night, according to the North Mississippi Herald.

According to reports, Henley looked to be cutting the grass before she was killed at the home where her sister-in-law Kristina Michelle Jones was discovered on Dec. 26.

Jones, a Republican and former teacher, served in the Texas House of Representatives for one four-year term from 2016 to 20 – losing her last election by 14 votes.

According to the Associated Press, she protested the election’s conclusion due to suspected irregularities, but a petition to modify the results was denied by the Republican-controlled House.


She was 40 years old.


Kristina Jones is the husband of Ashley Henley.

Jones was discovered dead in her father’s trailer in the early hours of Christmas Day, in a charred bedroom.

Around 1:30 a.m., the house was set on fire. At the time, the county coroner claimed there were no traces of gunshot wounds and that the inquiry was still ongoing. Homicide has not been ruled out as a cause of death by police.

Shot And Found Dead Full Details

According to the Commercial Appeal, Jones died in a trailer fire. However, it is said that investigators are now looking into the matter further.

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Steven Jubera, Assistant District Attorney said Mississippi Today, “We are going back to square one (on Jones’ case) after receiving an initial Fire Marshal’s report and lab reports,”

“We are looking at that with fresh eyes.”

According to the newspaper, Henley expressed her dissatisfaction with her sister-in-law’s case on social media recently.

The family has “gone through a lot” in the last six months, according to Jubera.


The family has “gone through a lot” in the last six months, according to Attorney Steven Jubera.

He added, “We will investigate this as thoroughly as possible — do everything possible to get it right,”

Republican Rep. Dan Eubanks, Henley’s former colleague, wrote on Facebook on Monday that the news had left him “heartbroken and angry.”

Eubanks said, “What an absolute loss to our state, county, me personally, and most importantly her dear family,”

He added, “Please pray for her husband and son and their extended family….and that God’s justice will be served on those responsible.”

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