Who is April Moss? Bio, Wiki, Age, Career Expose CBS ‘Discrimination’

April Moss Bio/Wiki

April Moss is a local TV reporter for WWJ CBS Detroit and a meteorologist. During an on-air weather report, she stated that she intends to report allegations of “discrimination” to Project Veritas.

According to her LinkedIn profile, the weather reporter, who was born in Maryland on April 15, 1983, graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in broadcast journalism in 2005.

According to her profile on the CBS 62 website, Moss, who is a member of the National Weather Association, recently resumed her study at Pennsylvania State University, where she studied Meteorological and Atmospheric Science from 2019 to 2020.

She worked for News Central 34, a student broadcasting station at the institution, in a number of on-air capacities and was a member of the coed football and basketball cheer teams.


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She is 38 years old.


According to a 2016 article on the CW50, a sister channel of CBS 62, Moss also interned at the NBC affiliate WBAL-TV 11 in Baltimore, where she initially discovered her passion for broadcasting.

Moss joined the Detroit-based network in 2012, according to her CBS biography, and has since worked in a number of jobs.

Moss has worked as a fill-in news anchor, a reporter for Eye on Detroit, and a host for the station’s sister channel, StreetBeat, during her nine years with the station. Moss has also worked as a weekend meteorologist for CBS 62 since 2020, in addition to a variety of other jobs for the station, including fill-in traffic reporter and news anchor for the morning broadcast.

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According to her LinkedIn profile, she has also worked as a writer and producer.

Moss lived in Macomb County, Metro Detroit, with her husband and three boys at the time of the CW50 feature in 2016, and spent the most of her free time with friends or working at her local church.

Her social media accounts reveal that she is now the mother of a fourth kid, who is also a boy.

Expose CBS ‘Discrimination’ Full Details

During the show on Sunday, June 20, 2021, the journalist did not go into depth. Moss’s interview with Project Veritas has yet to be published. Moss, on the other hand, declared in an online fundraising effort that she “felt led to stand up to the medical discrimination that was being enforced by ViacomCBS on its employees.”

She falsely added, “The mandate for any individual to be tested for COVID19 for employment or participation at a university or other institution violates federal law.” Moss also said, “My hope is that others who are faced with similar situations in their workplace can find the strength and courage to stand up for their God-given rights. Thank you so much for contributing to myself and my family. God Bless You!”

CBS Detroit is part of the CBS Television Stations Group, which is owned by ViacomCBS. Moss has elicited no response from the news station or its parent company. Employers are not prohibited by federal law from requiring COVID-19 testing, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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Moss’s GiveSendGo campaign includes links to the websites of anti-vaccine group Children’s Health Defense and coronavirus conspiracy theorists America’s Frontline Doctors. According to NPR, that anti-vax outfit was created by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and has promoted COVID-19 falsehoods.

Moss is following in the footsteps of Ivory Hecker, a former Fox 26 Houston reporter who made a similar on-air tease a week before being dismissed by her Texas news station.

Hecker alleged she was restricted when she tried to cover Bitcoin and hydroxychloroquine during the COVID-19 outbreak and offered covert recordings to the controversial James O’Keefe-led right-wing activist group.

Despite losing her job, Hecker has earned more than $170,000 through her mother’s “GiveSendGo” campaign on the Christian fundraising website. Moss, like Hecker, is hailed as a mainstream media “whistleblower” on right-wing social media.

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