Anthony Quinn Warner (Nashville Bomber) Biography: Wiki, Age, Investigation Full Details

Who is Anthony Quinn Warner? Anthony Quinn Warner Bio/Wiki

According to Nashville’s police chief, Anthony Quinn Warner was a 63-year-old Tennessee tech contract worker named as the Nashville bomber who exploded a parked RV on Christmas morning in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. As an information technology professional, Anthony Warner had a solitary job, dropping in to repair computers in different offices. He didn’t get married. He was scarcely known to his neighbors.

Three weeks ago, he sent an email to one of his customers to announce he was retiring. He began to shed possessions: he told his ex-girlfriend that he was suffering from cancer and gave her a car. Records show that the day before Thanksgiving, he signed off at his house.


He was 63 years old.

Investigation Details

The early Christmas morning blast, which took place in the downtown area of the city, left more than 40 buildings destroyed and injured at least three people.

Investigators said the RV involved in the Nashville explosion was broadcasting a female voice alarm with a countdown clock to evacuate, combined with Petula Clark’s song “Downtown” previously recorded by CNN.

Schmoldt said his wife found law enforcement trucks outside Warner’s home on Friday evening. His wife said she saw what she thought was a SWAT team outside as the couple sat down for coffee on Saturday morning.

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An RV seen at Warner’s house on Google Street View appears to fit the one law enforcement has asked the public for details on. Although the RV had been parked for a few weeks in the backyard, Schmoldt said it had not been on the property for a couple of days.

Steve Fridrich, of Fridrich & Clark, LLC, said he had employed Warner for many years as an independent contractor as a computer consultant for his real estate company.

Fridrich described Warner as a’ good guy’ in a statement on Sunday. He said Warner had said he was retiring earlier this month.

Nashville Police officers quickly jumped into action after being told about the warning, knocking on doors and evacuating people from the neighborhood and potentially saving many from serious injury, Mayor John Cooper said.

Doug Korneski, the FBI special agent in charge of the Memphis Field Office, said during a Sunday evening press conference that investigators are looking at “any and all possible motives,”.

The motive of the bomber confused many because the bomber made intentional attempts to persuade individuals to flee the area using a recorded message of a woman asking individuals to leave.

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Authorities said the recording was interspersed with music and featured a countdown. The bombing also disabled a major communication network, but, because it happened near a major AT&T plant, CNN reported that it knocked out most of the wireless service in the area and that authorities are investigating whether it was the target of the bomber.

Mobile service was backed up, but not the internet, and authorities were hoping that by December 27, authorities said in an earlier news conference, the site would be at maximum capacity. The lone picture of the RV used in the blast released by the police in Metropolitan Nashville is below. CNN confirmed that a tip about the RV used in the explosion led investigators to a “court-authorized search” for the Antioch house.

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