Who is Anthony Merritt Jr? Bio, Wiki, Age, Shot Dead, Family

Anthony Merritt Jr Bio/Wiki

While making a documentary on gun violence, a filmmaker named Anthony Merritt Jr was fatally shot.

Merritt was shot and killed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Monday evening as he prepared to film an interview with a local family who had been affected by the city’s deadly gun violence.


He was 55 years old.

Fatally Shot To Dead Full Details

According to police, Merritt was shot and killed at 19th and Page Streets in Philadelphia’s Strawberry Mansion on Monday, March 29.

Detectives assume the victim was inside a home right before the attack, consulting for a video production company on the effects of gun violence on families.

Merritt went outside to get some more supplies from a work truck at one point, and that’s when he was shot and killed, according to police.

In an interview with CBS Philly, he said: “He was a good dad. He was a good father. ‘He was shot six times. Come on, it makes no sense.”

A police manhunt is now underway to identify the gunman, although no arrests have been made in connection with Merritt’s shooting, according to Philadelphia Police.

Inspector Scott Small, the police chief, said: “They were shooting a video regarding stopping gun violence when he himself became a victim of gun violence that cost him his life. This production company was filming them, sending a message about stop shooting and stopping the gun violence.”


According to the Daily Voice, Merritt, a father of “several children,” was shot six times while on location at a film shoot for a Netflix series.

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