Who is Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak? Bio, Wiki, Age, Missing, Found Safe

Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak Bio/Wiki

After spending three days alone in the Australian wilderness, a missing 3-year-old autistic kid named Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak who was thought to have been abducted was found safe on Monday.

Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak, who had been missing since Friday from his family’s house in Putty, was discovered Monday morning scooping water into his mouth in a creek less than half a mile away.


He is 3 years old.

How Anthony ‘aj’ Elfalak Was Found?

According to video footage obtained by New South Wales Police, a rescuer in a police helicopter stated, “Stand by — I’ve got the boy.” AJ was seen sitting in unclean water up to his waist while he urgently drank.

Other emotional video footage showed family members kneeling and raising their hands to the sky as they realized AJ had been recovered, with ecstatic yells of “He’s alive!”

Anthony Elfalak, AJ’s father, who had feared his son had been kidnapped, described the rescue as a “miracle.”

According to 9News, the father told television crews, “He has been bitten by ants, and he has fallen over, but he is alive. He’s alive!”

The boy was rushed to the hospital for evaluation, but officials said he appeared to be in good health aside from some scrapes from a fall and a diaper rash.

Anthony Elfalak had stated that while his son was still missing, “No one can understand what it’s like going through what we went through.

“My leg, my hips, my ankles, I can’t walk. I have been in the bush for four days with no sleep. We didn’t stop,”

It wasn’t immediately obvious how AJ, who doesn’t talk, got away from home. On Friday mornings, he had been playing with his brothers and was normally close to his mother, according to his relatives.

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, police suspected abduction and recovered a white vehicle that apparently passed past AJ’s rural home at the same time he went missing on Sunday.

According to the article, police also investigated an abandoned shack after hearing what they assumed was a youngster sobbing or weeping.

Trailbike policemen, a K-9 team, police divers, and helicopters were all part of the massive “multi-agency” search and rescue operation.

Is Anthony ‘AJ’ Elfalak Ok?

When cops eventually arrived at AJ’s location, Commander Chief Inspector Simon Merrick told 9News, “He went on our rescuer’s knee and a big smile towards him as well, and they embraced at that moment.”

Paramedic Gerry Pyke of the Special Operations Team said it was clear that [AJ] is a fighter.

He described the boy’s reaction at being rescued, “He was very, very thankful; you could see that in his eyes,”

Access to water in the creek, according to local police commander Tracy Chapman, is “what gave him that opportunity to survive.”

Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, was among many who expressed relief, tweeting that he was “glad to hear he’s safe.”

He said, “I can’t imagine how traumatic this experience has been for AJ and his parents,”

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