Anne Cox Chambers Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Children, Net Worth, Instagram, Cause Of Death

Anne Cox Chambers Biography

Anne Cox Chambers Biography

Anne Cox Chambers
was an American Media Proprietor with a stake in Cox Enterprises, a privately-owned media company that includes newspapers, television, radio, cable television and other businesses. She was born in Dayton, Ohio, the United States, on 1 December 1919. Anne Beau Cox Chambers was their birth name.

Anne Cox Chambers, a media heiress and former US ambassador to Belgium, has died at 100

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) January 31, 2020

Anne Cox Chambers Career

James M. Cox, Chambers
and Anthony gained a controlling interest in the family business in 1974 upon the death of their brother. That same year Chambers became Atlanta Newspapers Chairwoman. Anthony became Dayton Newspapers ‘ chairwoman while her husband, Garner Anthony, became Cox Enterprises ‘ administrative director. In 1988 James Cox Kennedy, son of Anthony, became president and chief executive officer. Chambers continues to be a close adviser on the company’s daily operations.

Chambers, involved in business and politics, was appointed by U.S. President Jimmy Carter as ambassador to Belgium, a post she held from 1977 until 1981. During the 1980s, she was a board member of The Coca-Cola Company, and was the first woman in Atlanta to serve as a bank director (Fulton National Bank). Additionally, she was the first woman to be named to the board of the city chamber of commerce in Atlanta.

Anne Cox Chambers holds the presidency of Atlanta Newspapers and serves as the ceo of Cox Enterprises, one of the United States ‘ largest diversified media companies. It owns one of the nation’s largest cable television companies, Cox Communications, which provides internet and telephone services; publishes newspapers including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Palm Beach Post; owns and operates broadcast television and radio stations; and owns Manheim Auctions, a car auction company.

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In 2004, Cox Enterprises launched a $7.9 Billion debt-financed acquisition offer for the 38 per cent of Cox Communications ‘ cable television business that it did not already own. Cox also provides high-speed Internet access to more than 2 million homes and telephones with about 6.3 million cable subscribers

Anne Cox Chambers Parents

She was the daughter of James M. Cox and his second wife, Margaretta Parker Blair, a newspaper publisher and Democratic Presidential candidate of 1920. She co-owned the family business for 33 years with her niece, Barbara Cox Anthony, who passed away on 28 May 2007. She had lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and died at the age of 100 in January 2020.

Anne Cox Chambers Husband And Children

She was married to Louis G. Johnson, with whom she had two children: Katharine Ann (married first to Jesse Kornbluth, married second to William P. Rayner) and Margaretta (married first to James F. Granite, second to Dr. Alexander Taylor, third to Michael Rich). Matrimony ended in divorce.
She married Robert William Chambers In 1955, with whom she had a son, James Cox Chambers (a performer, dancer, and choreographer).

Anne Cox Chambers Net Worth

Forbes estimated its net worth in September 2014 at $16.1 Billion, based primarily on its equity interest in Cox Enterprises. Since then, she has had her shares divested.

Anne Cox Chambers Cause Of Death

Philanthropist, activist and Atlanta newspaper president Anne Cox Chambers has died. She is 100 years old.

Chambers was the owner of WSB-TV’s longtime parent company, Cox Enterprises.

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