[WATCH] Angelo Quinto (Navy Veteran Son) Biography: Wiki, Age, Police Knelt on His Neck, Death Cause

Who is Angelo Quinto? Angelo Quinto Bio/Wiki

Angelo Quinto, a Naval veteran who died after meeting the police in Antioch, California, told his family that a cop had put his knee on the back of his neck for nearly five minutes.

Angelo Quinto, was a Navy veteran born in the Philippines, died at his family’s Antioch, California, home on December 26, 2020, three days after his confrontation with police.


He was 30 years old.

[WATCH] Police Knelt on His Neck Details

You can watch the video, but be mindful that it’s really upsetting. The video with that caption was released by the John Burris Law Office, “Angelo Quinto was unreasonably physically restrained and asphyxiated by Antioch police December 23rd, 2020. He later died at the hospital.”

Police also denied the use of force against Quinto and there is still no determination of the cause of death.

You see a police officer asking Quinto in the video, which shows only the aftermath of the encounter and does not include the part with the knee, whether he’s on medication as he lies on the floor unresponsive. His hands were placed behind his back by police.

The video lasts for four minutes a woman said, “I came from work. When I came home, he was sleeping,”

A man says an officer put a knee on the back of Quinto’s neck in that portion of the video. They handcuffed him, and, the man claims, there was a leg. The man claims to have held that position for 4.5 to 5 minutes. The ambulance then arrived.

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Some of them draw comparisons between the case of Quinto and the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd.

Health Condition

Quinto, 30, was a Naval veteran who suffered from mental health problems, according to The Cut. He lived in the California city of Antioch.

In December 2020, his family called the police because he “showed erratic conduct, the Cut stated. After an “encounter with the police” who responded to the call, he died three days later in a hospital, The Cut reported.

“The Cut reported that he pleaded with the officers, “Please don’t kill me. Cassandra Quinto-Collins, Quinto’s mother, told KTVUU, “He said ‘Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me,’”

“I was there. I was watching them. I trusted them. I though they know what they’re doing.”

An autopsy to ascertain the cause of death is still pending, according to the television station.

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How did Angelo Quinto die?

Quinto was admitted to a local hospital, but after the altercation with the officers, he never regained consciousness. Three days later, he died. An official cause of death or the names of the officers involved have not been reported by the Antioch Police Department.

In January, the local press began investigating the case of Quinto and asked why the police did not report the incident to the public when it happened; at the time, an Antioch police officer told the Mercury News that the police were not reporting the incident to the public, “didn’t use physical force like a taser, pepper spray, baton, or strikes to [Quinto’s] body,” and that “the officers had already called for an ambulance to place Quinto in a mental health hold when he began experiencing a medical emergency.”

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