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Angela Tramonte Bio/Wiki

According to reports, a hiker named Angela Tramonte who cut short a walk across an Arizona mountain with a man she’d just met was discovered dead hours later in the hot heat.

Photo: Angela Tramonte

The corpse of the woman, identified as Angela Tramonte in reports, was discovered Friday off the Echo Canyon Trail near a property on Camelback Mountain’s northeast slope, according to the Phoenix Fire Department.

Tramonte was in Phoenix for the first time, according to CBS Boston, after meeting a man on Instagram.


She was 31 years old.

Hiker Angela Tramonte Found Dead

Tramonte turned around halfway up the trail and did not return to a parking lot, prompting rescuers to the 2,706-foot peak.

According to the Arizona Republic, a man hiking with Tramonte had called officers approximately four hours earlier to report that she had turned around halfway through their excursion due to heat exhaustion. The woman, however, was not in the parking lot, where all of her possessions were recovered still inside a car, according to Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Ron McDade.

Despite attempts to revive Tramonte, who lived in Saugus, Massachusetts, she was subsequently found unresponsive and proclaimed dead, according to McDade.

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According to Tramonte’s pals, the man who works as a cop wanted to keep going, so the two parted ways.

According to the story, several of the woman’s friends are now questioning the circumstances surrounding her death.

Stacey Gerardi, Tramonte’s friend said, “If somebody’s walking up a mountain and you’re seeing her in distress and she’s not feeling well and she’s exhausted – why wouldn’t you walk her back down?”

“Why would you continue to walk back up? It doesn’t make sense.”

Angela Tramonte Needs Justice

Gerardi demanded “justice” for her friend’s untimely death, which occurred just one day after she arrived in Arizona.

Gerardi said, “Not even 24 hours and she’s dead,”

“We want justice. We want answers. We need to keep pushing. That was my sister. We had 25 years of friendship.”

A spokeswoman for Phoenix police informed the Arizona Republic that foul play is not suspected in Tramonte’s death. A medical examiner will establish her cause of death.


According to McDade, a 30-man rescue team combed the mountain with the help of a helicopter.

Tramonte was discovered off the route near a residence on the mountain’s northeast slope around 5 p.m. She was pronounced deceased after becoming unconscious.

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The woman seemed to be without water when she was discovered, according to investigators, and was possibly trying to obtain help when temperatures in Phoenix reached 104 degrees on Friday, according to the Boston Globe.

According to McDade, who spoke to the Globe, “But at that point in time, [she] could have conceivably been in the early stages of heat exhaustion and heatstroke, where you become delirious, and unfortunately, your faculties are not about you,”

Meanwhile, the woman’s companion told officials that he was familiar with the mountain, having trekked it from top to bottom before, even during the hot months.

McDade said, “It’s very unforgiving, is the word I like to use,”

“This mountain doesn’t care who you are, or how great of a hiker or an experienced hiker you are. The mountain, in a situation like that, usually wins.”

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