Angela Moore (Ma’Khia Bryant Foster Mom) Biography: Wiki, Age, Blames As Ma’Khia Bryant Biological Mom

Who is Angela Moore? Angela Moore Bio/Wiki

Bryant’s family claims that the fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant was caused by a broken foster care system. Bryant’s biological family is now considering their choices, which include legal action.

It’s uncertain who they’ll sue right now, but Angela Moore, Bryant’s adoptive mother, maybe one of them.

Ma’Khia’s sister Janiah, who also lived in the same home, has accused Moore of bad conduct. Moore’s actions and the protection of her foster home were also called into question by several other accounts of accidents at the same residence.

Is Ma’Khia’s death due to the foster care system? Here’s what we know about Moore and the Columbus, Ohio, foster home she owned.


Her age is unknown.

Blames As Ma’Khia Bryant Biological Mom

Moore is a little-known figure. We couldn’t find any social media accounts associated with her, nor any press mentions of her after the Ma’Khia shoot. We do know that she owned a foster home for a while.

She bought the three-bedroom home on Legion Lane in 2014, according to reports. Moore was at work at the time of the shooting. We couldn’t figure out where she worked either. Janiah “wanted to leave the home and return to Franklin County Children Services,” according to an article in The Sussie Study. Janiah called 911 on March 28 and told the dispatcher that her foster mother was “screaming and arguing,” according to the report.

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Moore was shouting at Janiah after she got into an altercation with Ma’Khia, according to the police report. Janiah became enraged when the dispatcher told her she couldn’t be put in another home and threatened to kill everyone in the house if she didn’t get to leave.

After that, Janiah was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric examination. Paula, Ma’Khia and Janiah’s biological mother, is said to have been completely unaware of the incident. However, it isn’t the only incident that has occurred at the residence. Moore’s foster home was linked to a few other incidents, according to the study. Officers were forced to transport a 10-year-old to the hospital in December 2020 after he started “knocking stuff off the Christmas tree and crying.”

The Columbus Police Department responded to news of a foster child fleeing during an altercation the previous month. The child was said to have a history of fleeing and then returning.

We are still unsure why Ma’Khia was put in foster care. When Paula was interviewed, she remained silent on the subject. Paula had five children, according to sources, and was attempting to reunite Ma’Khia with her family.

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