Who is Angela Conijn? Biography, Wiki, Age, Fatally Shooting, Charged, Kamran Cohee Murder

Who is Angela Conijn? Angela Conijn Bio/Wiki

In her front yard, the Donald Trump fan named Angela Conijn accused of fatally shooting a woman during an alleged spat over a political sign says that she acted in “self-defense.”

Credit: Angela Kamb Conijn / Instagram

Angela Conijn was charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Kamran Cohee, of Arlington, Washington, who, according to the Skagit County Coroner’s Office, died after being shot in her head on Saturday.


Angela Conijn is 55 years old, Kamran Cohee was 32 years old.


Her attorney said the shooting was in self-defense at Conijn’s first court appearance on Wednesday, but Joshua Tryon, the victim’s boyfriend, disputes that assertion.

In Skagit County Court, Attorney Brett Purtzer said, “Your Honor, this is a case of self-defense and defense of others.

“This is an absolute defense to the charges that are contained within there,”

In response, Brandon Platter, deputy prosecuting attorney, told the judge, “By both accounts, the assault had essentially stopped by the time Ms. Conijn fired the weapon.”

She is currently being kept on a bail of $250,000.

Fatally Shooting Full Details

After sledding Saturday, when they pulled off on Big Lake Road in Mount Vernon, Tryon said he and Cohee were driving around, letting some air out of their tires to help navigate the snow.

Tryon said he then saw and grabbed a “Loren Culp for Governor” sign.

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He said, “I think I threw it in the back of my truck, and I hopped back in my truck,”

Conijn and her husband, John, saw Tryon taking the sign and confronted the pair, according to court records.

Tryon admitted, “I should have left at that moment, but adrenaline was rushing,”

Tryon said, “It never needed to come to a gun. I didn’t have a weapon, me and he were just fighting,”

Credit: Kamran Cohee /Facebook

Angela Conijn was reported to have shot the weapon according to police records, “towards the end of the driveway where the vehicle was located,”

According to Q13 Fox, Cohee was hit in the head while standing in the driveway between the house and the motorcycle. A Cohee funeral service online fundraiser says that on Saturday, February 13, “Kamran was out enjoying the snow when she was involved in an [alleged] altercation over a political yard sign.

“During this, the other party [allegedly] began to shoot at Kamran and her boyfriend. Kamran was shot and killed.”


The GoFundMe fundraiser that Nichole Blades organized for the funeral of the dead woman says: “As you can imagine our family and friends are devastated.

“Many know of Kamran’s struggles and that she has been rebuilding her life for the better.

“All prayers are welcome and encouraged. We thank you for your patience and kindness during this heartbreaking time.”

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