How Did Andy Warpigs Die? Death Cause, Bio, Wiki, Age, Career

Who is Andy Warpigs? Andy Warpigs Bio/Wiki

Andy Warpigs, a musician from Phoenix, has died.

Andy Warpigs is a West Phoenix, Arizona-based singer/songwriter. He’s recognized for his sardonic folk-punk sound, his characteristic travel guitar, and for playing unusual locations and places, as well as being a figurehead in the DIY culture across the country.

Dr. Frank-n-Furter was played by Warpigs in the Rocky Horror Picture Show stage production at the Firehouse ArtSpace in Phoenix, Arizona.


He was 32 years old.


Warpigs began performing in 2013 at locations such as “Lawn Gnome Publishing” and “Long Wong’s Dining” in Phoenix and Tempe. His first few performances were at Phoenix Comicon when he performed for masses waiting in line for Free Comic Book Day.

When Warpig opened for Pat the Bunny of Tucson folk-punk ensemble Ramshackle Glory during a benefit event at the now-defunct Aside of Heart in downtown Phoenix in 2013, it was his biggest event of the year.

By early 2014, Jelly Roll Jenkin (Jorge Garcia), formerly of Los Fukn Ramirez, Jackson Bollox of Nerdzerker, and Justin White, formerly of Andrew Jackson Jihad, had formed a supporting band for Warpigs. Andy Warpigs is his supporting band’s name as well.

At Lawn Gnome Publishing, Warpigs worked as the head of A&R for Hotrock Supajoint’s 56th Street Records and hosted Pink Slip Open Mic for two years in the Roosevelt Row district of downtown Phoenix, which is known as the artist capital and cultural hub of Phoenix, Arizona.

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How Did Andy Warpigs Die? (Death Cause)

The news first appeared on social media late Sunday night. There has been no mention of a cause of death.

A Facebook user wrote, “Rest easy, rest in peace, rest in punk,”

Another user wrote, “I’m at a loss for words but we Phoenix lost its folk punk legend,”


A Facebook user wrote named Brian Izzy Bullard, wrote, “Not sure what’s going on here but I’m losing allot of talented friends. RIP Andy Warpigs . I loved running sound for your band and accoustic shows. You were such a beautiful soul .”

Garyn Klasek wrote, “I’m gonna miss you so much, Andy Warpigs! You didn’t deserve everything that the world threw at you except for a world of friendship, family and love. Thanks for all the sweet and hilarious memories that you left us all with. I’ll always love you, homie!”

Loup Garou wrote, “ive taken plenty of photos of Andy Warpigs over the years, but this was the first one i ever took with anything other than a cellphone camera. i remember apologizing as i was taking forever trying to get it in focus. ill probably be posting more things as i find them”

Lou Moon wrote, “Absolutely devastated. Andy Warpigs WAS Phoenix. If I was doing one of my comedy and music shows, Andy was almost always the first person I’d go to. They loved comedy. Listen to their music, it was the best. Rest easy dude, I hope they have smokes in heaven.”

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