Who is Andrew Brown Jr? Bio, Wiki, Age, Investigation, Fatal Police Shooting Full Details

Andrew Brown Jr Bio/Wiki

State and federal officials are investigating the shooting death of a Black man named Andrew Brown Jr by sheriff’s deputies in coastal North Carolina, and Gov.

Roy Cooper has requested that the case be handed over to a special prosecutor rather than the local district attorney.

Last week’s fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr., who was apparently driving away from deputies attempting to conduct a drug-related search and arrest warrant, has gotten a lot of coverage, particularly because it happened so soon after the shooting deaths of Adam Toledo, 13, in Chicago, and Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, in Columbus, Ohio.


He was 42 years old.

Fatal Police Shooting Full Details

Video footage shows deputies from the Pasquotank Sheriff’s Office driving down a suburban street and arriving at a home in Elizabeth City shortly before 8:30 a.m. on April 21.

Several shots were fired at Mr. Brown a short time later. WAVY, a Virginia-based television station, received the video via a public records request.

Mr. Brown’s family and lawyer were given a 20-second clip from a deputy’s body camera of the shooting, which they described as an “execution.”

According to a private autopsy paid for by his relatives, he was struck by five bullets and killed by a shot to the head, according to a private autopsy. According to the family’s lawyer, Mr. Brown was seated inside his vehicle, hands “firmly on the wheel,” when gunshots were fired. He didn’t appear to be armed, and he was driving away as the cops started to fire.

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However, the local prosecutor claimed that the video showed Mr. Brown was attempting to flee and that his car collided with deputies, who then opened fire.

Why Police Opened Fire? (Investigation)

Deputies were serving an arrest warrant on illegal drug charges, according to the Pasquotank County sheriff, but he did not specify how many deputies were on the scene, how many of them opened fire, or how many bullets were fired.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting. According to the authorities, when Mr. Brown was shot, the local SWAT team and deputies from another department were executing the arrest warrant. Officers killed in such raids make up a small percentage of all officer-involved deaths.

However, in a country where four out of ten adults own weapons, they are the most flammable, and the police often use large displays of force to carry out these acts.

According to their lawyer, Mr. Brown’s family was informed last week that no drugs or guns had been found on the property or in the car. According to officials, their legal team has yet to see the search warrant that was being carried out at the time of the attack.

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