Anabel Sharma (Goodbye To Mum After Covid) Biography: Wiki, Age, Covid-19, Mother Die In Hospital Full Details

Who is Anabel Sharma? Anabel Sharma Bio/Wiki

Her tragic experience was exposed by a daughter named Anabel Sharma as she said goodbye to her mom after Covid tore through her family.

Credit: Anabel Sharma

Anabel Sharma was lying in her hospital bed next to her mother, Maria Rico, holding her hand before sadly dying of the virus. The 49-year-old has now given others a harrowing warning, saying to them, “Don’t let this be you.”


Anabel Sharma is 49 years old and her mum Maria Rico was 76 years old.

Mother Die In Hospital Full Details

Credit: Anabel Sharma

After Anabel’s 12-year-old son caught coronavirus after returning to school in September, the family, living in Whitwick, Leicestershire, fell ill.

It was not long before Mary, Anabel, Bharat, her husband, and Jacob, 22, their other sons, and Noah, 10, all fell ill. Maria and Anabel were both admitted to the Royal Infirmary of Leicester and were put on oxygen in October. Two weeks later, Gran Maria told her daughter that a Do Not Resuscitate order had been signed.

Doctors wheeled Anabel to her mom’s bedside the next day, and on November 1, Maria died. A month later, Anabel left the hospital, but she had severely damaged lungs and needed oxygen to get around.

Anabel said the pace at which the virus infected her family was frightening – adding that it’s a “roulette whether you will survive.”

“I’ve been home for nearly three weeks now and have been through the darkest period of my life.

Christmas is coming…

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Anabel told to the Mirror: “If anyone is thinking about breaking the rules, I’d urge them to put themselves in my shoes and think about what it might be like to watch your mum die, or be told that you might not live.”

She added that, because her mom lives with her, her whole family was very vigilant during the pandemic.

The family would get deliveries of food and Anabel would only leave the house to run the school.

Maria took off her oxygen mask in her final moments to say goodbye to Anabel and her sister, Susana, who was allowed to be in the PPE ward.

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