Who is Aminadab Gonzalez? Bio, Wiki, Age, Charges, Killing 4 People, Investigation, Mass Shooting In Orange Full Details

Aminadab Gonzalez Bio/Wiki

Until killing four people, a suspected gunman named Aminadab Gonzalez reportedly locked the office gates, including a nine-year-old boy who died in his mother’s arms.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office reported on Friday that Aminadab Gonzalez has been charged with four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and two counts of attempted murder of a police officer.


He is 44 years old.

Killing 4 People Including A 9-Year-Old Boy

He is accused of opening fire inside a Southern California office building before locking the property’s entrance gates and killing four people, including a nine-year-old boy.

A fifth survivor was also in the hospital. The victims all had personal and business links to the perpetrator, but investigators did not elaborate at a news conference on Thursday.

The names of the deceased were withheld by police, but one of them was a 9-year-old child, according to police. A man and two women were among the others. Only a woman’s identity was given to the injured victim.

Gonzalez-Gaxiola was also taken to the hospital after the attack. A backpack containing a semi-automatic handgun, pepper spray, handcuffs, and ammunition was discovered at the scene in Orange, according to police.

Later Thursday, authorities released a shocking surveillance picture from the day of the attack, which showed the armed gunman inside the structure.

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Officers who opened fire on the gunman were met with chilling information as they arrived at the scene in the 200 block of West Lincoln Avenue around 5:30 p.m. as shots were being fired, according to investigators.

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